Samsung Galaxy S6 camera detailed: 20MP sensor with OIS, will feature Pro mode with manual focusing [RUMOR]



Early this morning, Samsung R&D Chief DoonHoon Jang took to the official Samsung Tomorrow blog to tout the company’s history of cutting edge smartphone cameras, while teasing a new camera for their 2015 flagship model (Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge). How exactly did Samsung show off 15 years worth of R&D? With a cheap megapixel table. How wonderfully basic.

Samsung Galaxy S cameras

Of course, as most photographers will tell you, MPs alone does not a good photo make. Thankfully the boys at SamMobile are helping shed a little more let on the specific hardware being used in the upcoming Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge, with an exclusive on some of the finer details. According to them, Samsung could be going with their own in-house 20MP camera sensor with OIS (model numbers SLSI_S5K2T2_FIMC_IC and SLSI_S5K4E6_FIMC_IS) and the same 5MP front facing shooter as found on Samsung’s current Galaxy A series line.

Still up in the air is which variant these sensors will wind up on — the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Due to manufacturing constraints, it’s entirely possible the 20MP sensor will find itself landing on the Galaxy S6 Edge only. This also explains why the Galaxy S6 Edge popped up in benchmarks not too long ago reporting a 20MP camera.

As for the software, Samsung is said to be leveraging Android 5.0 Lollipop’s new camera APIs for a new “Pro” mode inside their camera app. Pro mode will give users the ability to choose between 3 different focus modes, one of which will allow for manual focusing. There was no word on whether the phone will shoot in RAW, but for a “Pro” mode, it’s definitely a possibility.

As for the more causal shooter, Samsung did mention that their 2015 flagship phone will feature an “intelligent” camera that does all the thinking for the user, providing for better image quality “under any conditions.” If the Galaxy Note 4 taught us anything, it’s that Samsung definitely knows photo quality. Here’s to hoping that with the Galaxy S6, Samsung is able to put their money where their mouth is.

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  1. OIS.. that’s great news. But been rumored so was expecting that.

    I am a little surprised by the weak 2mp front facing camera. Expecting companies to improve on that (some have, maybe even as high as 5mp IIRC) and 2mp is a stale de facto size. Need to up that game.

    1. I have a feeling it will be a 5MP front shooter.

  2. I am still quite content with my Note 3. I know the phone manufacturers are in spec wars as ll tech is these days.

    I really dont want a 4K screen or 20MP camera. I was real innovation, no specs.

    -How about a REAL Camera Sensor with multiple layers. Manual focus is a very nice touch. But Id like to see better tech out of whats available. a 16MP picture is just fine.
    -A real high capacity battery. A good 1+ day battery. Also, make it wireless charging with CHARGER out of the box! My Note 3 is wireless capable. Im not going through the hassle of another $20-$50 option.
    -Make it waterproof or very water resistant already.
    -Front facing speakers!!!
    -Front facing 8MP camera and LED. It can be useful to use a a mirror like device
    -Better or multiple LED rear lights for camera. Allow us to chage the color from soft white to daylight spectrum. (3000k-6500k)
    -some self healing material like lg did.
    -something solar would be cool. I don’t know yet…But solar sounds exiting
    -laser range finder. We have all these other sensors, add some user to it
    -and a light and db meter

    Just a few ideas…

    1. Adjustable LED……I like that one

    2. I agree with you on that, my friend has the note 3 and the phone is pretty future proof. The specs are good enough to go on 3-4 years. I currently have the s5 but I have a spoiled habit of always wanting the latest phone..lol

    3. 4K display on a phone would be crazy!!! Absolutely pointless, battery killer but an amazing spec list.

      1. Is not a battery killer when it’s well optimized Amoled

        The 5.7inch WQHD Amoled of the Note 4 can be up to 40% less power consuming than the 5 inch 1080p LCDs of most other flagships.
        Now of course it still requires more gpu but S805 and especially Exynos 5433 handle this well.

        1. We don’t know how phones will handle 4k it’s safe to assume it will eat up more battery than the exact same phone with a full HD display. I have an LG G3 and have root of course and I changed my resolution from quad HD to full HD and I get better battery life

          1. Sorry. I meant the QHD. Though I’m pretty sure if QHD 5.7 inches is up to 40% more efficient than 5 inch LCDS then it can be 4K and still possibly at least 10-20%.

            And how can you do that?

        2. I’d be really impressed if a 4K AMOLED display uses even 10% less battery life than a 1080p LCD screen. Would genuinely like to know what made you say that it’ll be up to 40% more efficient (not being a wiseguy) and if it’ll be like that with practical everyday usage.

          1. Oh 4k. I’m talking QHD Note 4. Though by time the Note 5 comes it will still probably be 10-20% better than the 1080p LCDs.

          2. Oh, sorry. Just noticed you said QHD, not, 4K. I suppose it could be better. Samsung does make crazy good displays.

          3. Eggs crackly. It was my bad too. Everyone was saying 4K. I think I realized that last night and used the QHD note 4 as a reference.
            Didn’t remember when u saw the reply though haha.

    4. If it is going to have wireless charging then it’ll be built into it I believe since I think it’s a non-removable backing+battery.

      1. I meant bundled. I want the charging pad and wireless backplate to be included.

        A standard charger and a wireless puck/pad. I shouldn’t have to buy it.

        1. Oh I get it now. Um does anyone know if the Samsung chip has something similar to Qualcomm’s quick charge 2.0 if not that blows.

          1. It does. Just like the Snapdragon and exynos note 4

        2. NGFHM – not gonna f%cking happen, man.

    5. Want a pony too?

      1. You’re so witty.

      2. I think you mean unicorn, as in the device those two are describing will be one for about 10 years or more.

    6. I think we should be able to choose the resolution output like on pc.

      And I wish they would combine the Note, Zoom, and beam. Add in quad front stereo speakers.
      So you get the Note. The 10x optical zoom/shutter button of the Zoom. And the protector of the Beam. And the extra thickness will make room for a beastly battery.

      And a Note version with full keyboard.

      And while this will be a great camera I would rather see a 12 – 16mp on a larger sensor with 1.5-2um pixels. Xenon and dual led.

    7. Couldn’t care less about wireless charging. Front-facing speakers are really neat if you watch a lot of videos, listen to music a fair amount and game on your phone. If I really want to do those things, though, I just use my laptop hooked up to my big HDTV or just cast it from my phone to my Chromecast on my TV.

  3. Since it is shown dripping wet, will the S6 also have an IP67 rating?

    After having an IP67 rated phone, I’ll never buy one that isn’t again.

    1. I think that picture is just one Android Authority used of the s5’s camera. Not sure though.

      1. Huh? This is literally a photo taken by me of the Galaxy S5, property of Phandroid.

        Full pic: http://phandroid.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Samsung-Galaxy-S5-water-back-angle-DSC05779.jpg

        1. Wow sorry I meant phandroid. I visit android authority and phandroid at least 5 times each day must’ve mixed up the names my bad Chris. Great picture by the way.

    2. I agree.

      Anything less than IP67 is a huge step backward. If the S6 doesn’t have it, I will hang onto my S5 until a competitor releases something similar specs and IP67.

  4. Don’t know if someone already said this but the Galaxy S2 had an 8MP camera… At least it did on the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch.

    1. Ugh!! That is exactly why I’m glad they moved to one variant of phones. I believed AT&T had two GS2’s, and not to mention there was a GS2 for each carrier. But yea, the Sprint one had an 8MP camera.
      I’m assuming these specs are all based on the phone that was released in the Korean market.

  5. Who made the chart? Phandroid or Samsung? It would be a serious whoops if Samsung released that.

  6. The leap in image quality between the Note 3 and Note 4 can not be overstated.

    1. It’s really that much better? I would adore the Galaxy Note 4 if I had the money to outright buy it and if I knew I didn’t have to pull teeth to root and get CM on it like I had to with my S3.

  7. in house camera is a head scratcher for me, seems Sony has probably the best sensor available, so their own solution better deliver.

    1. Well Sony only had a small lead with the 20mp z.
      And not really. Samsung has generally always been ahead. They made their own sensors up to the S2. Then used Sony for a couple years and used their new Isocell tech in the S5.
      Isocell negates some of the noise from pixel cramming on small sensors and has phase detection auto focus.

      And even when they use Sony’s sensor they get better performance out of it.
      However Sony is getting more serious too. So we shall see.

      1. for the Note 4 they went back to Sony, and it was widely regarded as the best Android Camera available and possibly even better than iPhone 6 depending on how it is used.

        Since then Sony has made one thats supposed to be a very nice upgrade. (Exmor RS IMX230)

        But now that I’ve went back to research it a bit more, Sony may simply not have it ready in time for S6 launch, since expected production date for sensor is listed as late as April.

        1. Yup they went back to Sony for the Note 4 and the LTE-A S5. At that point they were having production issues with their sensor. Lots of bad luck at that time. But they got enough out.
          Don’t know the exact reason for moving back to Sony.

          Could be their first isocell sensor was a trial run, the production issues, yield demands, more time to develop the next generation, or something else. Or any or all put together.
          Sony is also supposed to be working on a new sensor and have finally got their 20mp sensor more matured in the Z3. Their auto tuning is terrible in phones.
          They are even supposed to have that curved lense.

  8. I don’t bother much about camera features. The confirmed news that is out of the box right now is its direct compatibility with wireless charger and faster charging powered by quick charge 2.0 technology.

  9. Samesung: more pixels = better photos.

    Much like botgoat logic.

  10. 2MP FFC is crap. OMG!! LoL!! That is one thing I will NOT be going back to. =.P
    Glad to see OEM’s are upping the front camera.

  11. Galaxy phones always have good cameras. Lets hope this one is great

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