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Phandroid News for Android updated, bugs squashed



Back in December, we launched a brand new Material Design focused version of our Phandroid News app for Android. The new version packed a completely new user experience as well as a few hidden goodies throughout the app. Today, we pushed a new version to the Google Play Store which aimed to fix a few bugs that were plaguing our users. On top of bug squashing, we also added a new feature to save your precious data, thanks to faster image loading.

What’s new in version 173 (2.6.6)

  • Faster image loading for CardView
  • Added ‘Don’t ask again’ to Disqus nag screen
  • Added title link to open just app from widget
  • Fixed image loading with huge delay
  • Fixed issue to honor subscription with multiple gmails
  • Fixed issue with some videos not showing
  • Fixed ToolBar showing correct ‘Favorite’ status
  • Fixed list offset in article list in certain situations
  • Fixed other reported bug fixes

If you haven’t installed our app to stay up to date with the latest Android news or given us a 5-star rating, now’s the time. Not worthy of a 5-star rating? Inconceivable! Let us know what we can do in the comments below.

Also, if you’re looking for bleeding edge Phandroid News app updates, you can join our beta community. That way you’ll be in direct contact with our Android developer, who just so happens to feed only on 5-star ratings and is a better dancer than Left Shark.

Derek Ross
I'm a passionate Android enthusiast that's on the pulse of the latest Android news, writing about Android as often as possible. I'm also a little addicted to social networking. Hit me up, I'd love to chat.

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  1. Huge bug in new version. I just turned my Note 4 from portrait to landscape and the story disappeared and now that story won’t load…. Hell no stories will load at all. Had to exit app and close it completely then enter again to make stories appear again.

    1. I’ve been told their developer is incredibly quick. Let him know!

      1. That he is! Steve is a wizard.

        1. I’m only emo level 5.

      2. I’m actually their developer… I ain’t gonna do diddly squat…

        1. As long as you got that covered… I’m going back to sleep.

    2. I have a Note 4, no problems here

    3. The story will reload but this was changed in the update before. I switched back to let the Android OS handle orientation change due to some pretty weird issues on a few devices.

      However, I did find a bug with switching orientation with comments open. There is room for improvement here which I will make sure I fix, but I can’t reproduce what you are seeing.

  2. That’s really odd, it did it 2 consecutive times earlier when I posted about the issue but now I can’t replicate it either. I have turned the device off and on again between then so perhaps it was a glitch with the device it’s self I’m not sure that’s just really odd.
    Anyways thanks

  3. I don’t see much point in having a app for a news site. If you make your web page properly for mobile, it can be just as useful and effective. A few other sites lately have adopted this strategy so they could kill their app and have much less headache about it.

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