NVIDIA schedules March 3rd event to “redefine the future of gaming”



NVIDIA’s getting ready to make their next big move starting next month. The company has issued press invites to a March 3rd event taking place out in San Francisco. A great deal of Android-related publications seem to be receiving the invite so there’s a good chance it has implications on the mobile scene.

NVIDIA says their event will feature an announcement with “the potential to redefine the future of gaming.” We’re not sure what they could be looking to introduce that would have such an impact on the gaming world. Is it a new SHIELD Tablet or handheld portable? An amazing new GPU that’s flexible, powerful and thin enough to go inside both a mobile device and a desktop computer? Will they finally achieve photo realistic 3D graphics?

nvidia invite

The possibilities are high, but we won’t find out unless we close attention (and in case you have any doubt, we’ll be paying very close attention).

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  1. pretty interesting! hmmmmmmm wonder what it could be….better “close attention” ;)

  2. I just want a shield refresh with the new chip and I’ll be good to buy it. Though, I doubt this is what they’re hyping because it wouldn’t make sense for it to be 5 years in the making…

    1. Hasn’t Tegra been in the works for 5 years?

      EDIT: Close enough – Wiki says “The first product to use the Tegra was Microsoft’s Zune HD media player in September 2009”.

    2. Yeah I don’t think it’s what there hyping, still I’m expecting it’s anouncement after last weeks rumors.

  3. My guess is that they’re coming out with their own version of Nexus Player/Roku/Fire TV/etc.

    1. that would be pretty cool….or an actual phone??

    2. how would a tv /streaming device redefine the future of gaming?

      1. thats why i thought an actual phone =)

        1. thats possible

      2. These TV streaming devices have the potential for great gaming experiences. But so far, none of them are really delivering the goods. If nvidia comes out with a beefy one AND gets some solid game development behind it, it could become the next big console.

        1. Regardless of its flaws, I’ve had a great time playing several android games on my tv via my ouya. Android TV has far more potential than Ouya, so I don’t think current Android solutions can be written-off, generally speaking.

      3. Because, if it became popular enough, it would strengthen hardware controller supported gaming on android and/or set a precedent for android being able to not only offer casual games, but games that take advantage of chips like the K1.

        Also, due to the more open nature of Android TV, it will be more able to offer media playback to a far higher level than existing next-gen consoles, plus offer apps for other functions, too.

        In essence, Apple and Android TV offer the potential for cheap multi-purpose home computing systems and media players, with software and hardware that can play nice with existing mobile devices.

    3. That’s what I was thinking, a shield console essentially. Something that runs the Tegra x1 on wall juice and bridges the gap between game streaming and desktop gaming using its fancy Maxwell cores and its already-built “tv friendly” interface and controller.

  4. VR headset?

  5. You go girl!!!

    1. This.

  6. It’s probably related to streaming games. Network speeds – even mobile – are getting to the level where it’s possible except for the hardcore games. Maybe they couple it with their Android TV implementation.

    A new console, a gaming tablet or even a VR headset wouldn’t “redefine the future of gaming”, but if this catches on, it would be a paradigm shift. Imagine a Netflix for games, for $10/month you could play any PC game even if you have an older, weaker computer (as long as it’s strong enough for streaming), a Linux, Mac or an Android device. That would be a great leap away from the current model which is essentially the same as it was 30 years ago, except we eliminated the physical data carrier.

  7. Everyone always promises the next big change in “what ever” I never get excited about these things till they show the goods.

    1. Ahahjajahaja yeah I agree!

  8. new SHIELD Tablet with x1 chip

    1. That and more games, Shield needs more standalone games!

  9. So much potential for mobile gaming and it’s been tainted with “freemium” garbage all throughout the Play Store.

  10. I’m hoping they introduce a serious Android console. Android is never going to pull in the big-name games without a system that can deliver a traditional gaming experience that goes beyond what can be done on a smartphone. A single- or dual-processor X1 setup like they announced at CES for cars coupled with 8GB of RAM would give them a system that’s within arm’s reach of what a XBOne and PS4 can do, all without the corporate shenanigans of Sony and Microsoft to get between developers and gamers.

  11. My money is on a (hopefully) robust and competently made Android TV box that’s attractive for gamers and power users.

    Shield TV for the win!

  12. Shield console featuring Tegra X1 running Android TV and a PC gaming streaming app.

  13. its glnext…..

    that is all.

  14. My money is on an Android TV Game box. Can’t be a new Shield Tablet, its way to early for that.

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