Feb 9th, 2015


LG has watched their neighbor in South Korea come up with a cool virtual reality headset for their flagship phablet, and now they want to do something similar. LG has announced VR for G3, a plastic virtual reality enclosure based on the specifications of Google’s low-cost virtual reality kit Google Cardboard.

VR for G3 is, of course, customized for the device’s unique rear placement of volume and power buttons. The setup not only gives you an easier way to control volume while your LG G3 is slipped inside, but also helps amplify the sound if you’re not using headphones. It also features a neodymium ring magnet for hands-free scrolling thanks to the device’s gyroscope sensor.

So how do you get one? Initially the headset will be offered for free with the purchase of the LG G3 in “select” markets. LG didn’t specify whether they’ll make these available for purchase after that point, which means we don’t know how much it’d cost. But we imagine they’d at least want to keep costs as reasonably low as they can to fulfill the spirit of Google Cardboard. Otherwise, well, it’s quite easy to build one yourself if you’re handy with an X-Acto knife.

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