Skype for Android updated to version 5.2, allows you to share photos with offline contacts



An update to Skype is now rolling out on the Google Play Store, and brings some much needed offline functionality to video chat app. Adding to the list of new messaging features, users can now send photos to contacts, even if they’re offline. This means that when the person finally decides to sign into Skype, a nice new picture message will be waiting for them. Kinda of crazy to think this feature wasn’t there before, right?

Skype 5.2 update Android

A few months ago, Skype introduced their floating picture-in-picture mode for smartphones (previously only available on tablets) as well as chats that load faster, and various other call quality improvements. This latest update is a welcomed feature addition to what is slowly becoming a pretty solid messaging app.

For all those interested, you can grab the update on the Google Play Store or download Skype 5.2 via the Play Store link below.

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  1. Is this where Skype starts becoming bloated..?

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