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Google Cardboard eye holes

It was back in 2009, a fella from Recombu constructed a makeshift VR headset for the MyTouch 3G using only tape and scissors. While many were quick to scoff at the idea, it appears it was our own Rob Jackson who had the foresight in seeing how this could one day change the way we use our Android devices. Fast forward to today’s Google I/O developer conference and wouldn’t you know it — the dude was right.

Google Cardboard 2

Android lead Sundar Pichai announced onstage that — in addition to the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, and Motorola Moto 360 — attendees would be receiving a cardboard box capable of transforming an Android device into a full fledged VR headset.

After folding the box together, a phone slips into the provided slot and when using the companion app, the eye holes create a sort of virtual reality environment, not unlike Recombu’s from 5 years ago. Check out our very quick unboxing below.

Apparently Cardboard was created as part of Google’s own “20 Percent” project that allows employees to devote 20% of their time on a side-project. Because VR headsets are all the rage these days — and quite expensive — Google came up with this low-cost alternative.

Google Cardboard ingredients

Given this is a developer conference, Google encourages developers to come up with their own VR apps using their experimental SDK, posting their experiences online using the #cardboard hashtag. You can also join up with the Google+ community here. The best part? You can create your very own headset out of a pizza box (order a large) thanks to Google’s step-by-step instructions on their landing page here.

And we all laughed at this guy…

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