Netflix and Nintendo are reportedly working together on The Legend of Zelda live action series [OMG]


Legend of Zelda Wii U

In what can only be described as the biggest news of the week/month/year/lifetime, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Netflix is working with Nintendo to launch The Legend of Zelda live action series (think Game of Thrones but without all the orgies and incest).

Still in the early stages of development,  Netflix is still searching for a writer to work on the series. Of course, the series is said to feature a young boy named Link, as he travels across Hyrule to rescue a young waifu girl named Zelda.

While Nintendo doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to live action, Netflix has been hitting the mark with original series such as House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, and Marco Polo.

We know, it’s not technically “Android related,” but it’s coming from Netflix > Netflix offers an Android app > Android. There. You happy?

Chris Chavez
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  1. Is this real?… AM I DREAMING?!?!
    My nerd brain just exploded all over the place.

    1. I was literally shaking while typing this post up. GAAAAH

      1. Haha! This is fun news.

        And I love that you added a tenuous link to Android to help shut up the whiny fools who can’t appreciate that you were just excited to write about this.

      2. Drink some warm chocolate and wrap yourself tight like an infant.

    2. “nerd brain”

  2. I’m a Zelda purist (“don’t screw the timeline”, “Zelda logic” and other kinds of stuff) and it is my job to be a bit skeptic about this. But I dunno, Nintendo is quite matured nowadays (at least talking Zelda), but they’re also becoming a bit bold and being too bold can sometimes imply bad decisions. Well, I’ll wait to see with my own eyes before bashing or hyping…

    1. A Zelda purist? “Don’t screw with the timeline” WHAT TIMELINE?!

      1. Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. You really mean it?

  3. Yes, Chris. I am happy!

  4. This better be Ocarina of Time or Majora’s mask

    1. I could pass on Majora’s Mask but I’m with you on Ocarina of Time.

  5. I hope that it still has lots of naked women like game of thrones. Good Post Chris

  6. Live Action O_O

    This will either be SUPER-MEGA-AWESOME!!!

    Or cringe-fest 2015

    As a zelda fan I hope this will be the bomb, just hope it won’t last forever like soo many other series that overstayed their story. It needs a very good and consistent quality story!

  7. aweeee snap.

  8. Will Link talk or will he make grunting sounds?

    1. Hup! Whoooa!

  9. Netflix content hasn’t disappointed me yet, their standard for quality are high, will remain optimistic.

  10. I don’t know how it could work as a series. No pressure, Netflix!

  11. As long as it’s better than that awful cartoon I grew up with that came on Friday afternoon..

    Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess!

    1. I hope they will at least use a different catch phrase.

  12. Oh man I hope they do this right. Been playing Zelda since I was 6. I almost screamed like a girl when I read this earlier. Lol

  13. Netflix has been killing it with their originals lately. Hope this moves forward.

  14. Please make it without the owl from ocarina of time. I hate that guy

      1. The owl that you meet when you leave kokiri forest for the first time he sits outside in a tree and keeps talking to you.

        1. Whoosh!

          1. LMFAO! I wonder if he has realized it yet.

          2. Who?

  15. I only just downloaded the manual to Link to the past in pdf format… to show my 8 year old that I love to read…. oh the memories… all these warm fuzzy feelings… mannnn, I need a change of pants

  16. All they have to do base it on make Ocarina Of Time for me (Best game ever!). Would love to see the dungeons in real life (well all besides the water temple lol)

    1. Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu’s Belly water temple or Hyrule Lake water temple? :P

      1. The Hyrule Water Temple. I heard it is easier in the master quest as you get the longshot before you go into the temple unlike the original where you have to obatain it in the in the temple.

  17. Well, going by their track record regarding their overall video game business under President Iwata, hopefully they don’t screw a potentially really good thing up. (Being left in their/his hands, I’ll reserve my judgment…)

  18. If this happens I’ll finally leave Amazon Prime Video in the dust and head to Netflix.

  19. I’m gonna be sad if they base this on Wind Waker. An entire season of Link sailing around in a dingy waving a stick. >_<

    1. I think it should be based on Ocarina Of Time

    2. Have you read the Time Line Theory? They say Wind Waker is what happens if Link lost in Ocarina of Time.

      1. I was looking at it last night. Wind waker is what happens in the adult era if Link wins. The old school games are what happen if Link lost.–Py-PvkG1–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18j0yyebco7eqjpg.jpg

  20. I don’t really know much about the Legend Of Zelda, so this will be interesting for me. I can say I would love to see this happen.

  21. How is this directly related to Android? How is this story relevant?

    1. There are 13 characters in legend of zelda.
      There are 7 characters in netflix.
      13 – 7 = 6
      There are 3 words in “legend of zelda”
      6 written 3 times = 666
      There are 3 sides in a triangle.
      Chris Chavez has 3 eyes with his google glass
      Illuminati confirmed.

  22. So every episode starts with someone kidnapping Zelda and locking her in a castle?

  23. LoL!! I’m mad at that connection reference. Though this was already mentioned on a popular Japanese related content website, Kotaku. I guess you’re just as excited as I am.

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