Samsung Milk VR app delivers virtual reality videos to your Gear VR on a daily basis



It’s no secret that there is a bit of a shortage when it comes to Samsung Gear VR content at the moment — and developers are surely working on changing that each and every day — but Samsung’s looking to give their headgear some tender love and care with a new app.

It’s another Milk app! Dubbed “Milk VR,” the app’s purpose is to deliver interesting 360-degree videos for you to check out every so often. The library of goods is expected to be refreshed on a constant basis, which Samsung definitely needs to happen if they want to keep early adopters from getting bored of stuffing their Samsung Galaxy Note 4s inside head-mounted contraptions.

Even that isn’t enough to get us to recommend the headset for all but the most enthusiastic fans and developers of the Gear VR, though everything else about this thing has us pretty excited for its future (as our dear Kevin would tell you in his Samsung Gear VR review). Be sure to look for the app in the Oculus store if you’re interested.

[via CNet]

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  1. Looking forward to playing VR doom and duke nukem re re released

  2. not compatible with Cardboard?

    Also what is up with the whole MILK naming scheme….MILK? seriously WTF?

    1. samsung will milk all the money out of you

  3. Wow it’s only 10 times more expensive than buying a Google Cardboard viewer on Amazon. What a deal.

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