Game of Thrones Episode 2 for Android arrives to Google Play this Thursday [VIDEO]



Game of Thrones fans should be happy to learn that Episode 2 of the series’ official game has been announced, and that it’s literally right around the corner. Telltale Games has announced that the update is headed to mobile — including Android — starting Thursday, February 3rd.

Game of Thrones’ place in the storyline is set after the fourth season, an adventure in which you explore House Forrester and the interesting characters within it. House Forrester is a family of nobles who align themselves with the Starks of Winterfell, a group which commands control of the north.

The game is a very nice stopgap for fans of the series waiting for season 5, and with a total of 5 episodes planned for launch it should keep you very interested until the highly-anticipated April 12th premier arrives. Check it out in Google Play if you haven’t yet (it’s a quick $5 per episode) and stay on the lookout for the new goods this Thursday.

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  1. I don’t play games as dealing with humans in real life is enough gaming for me.

    But GOT is such an awesome show.

  2. I’ll try it when the whole season is available. I spoiled myself playing through both seasons of TWD without having to wait for episodes.

  3. Is it Tuesday, Feb 3rd or Thur, Feb 5th?

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