HTC One M8 now receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop update in Europe


htc one m8 lollipop

European owners of the HTC One M8 will wake up to a nice new software upgrade today. This one is bringing the big Kahuna — Android 5.0 Lollipop — so you’ll officially be on the latest and greatest version of Android with no chains binding you to the horrors of inferiority.

As we’ve seen in earlier previews, HTC’s take on Lollipop is pretty standard. They’ve updated many of their course Sense apps with Material Design and have incorporated some Lollipop-specific features such as the new recent apps switcher and an updated notification pane.

As with any initial software upgrade we reckon this one is only guaranteed to be going out to developer or unlocked editions, while carrier-specific models may have to wait until proper testing and certification is done.

Fret not, though, because carriers in Europe seem to be a lot more timely with these processes compared to their North American counterparts. If you have an HTC One M8 then head to the settings menu to check for it as soon as possible, and let us know how it’s treating you once you’ve fully pulled it down.

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  1. Why must AT&T hold up these updates??

    1. Bloatware, one the reasons I went the Nexus route.

    2. Bloaty bloat bloat…. Its literally the only reason why.

  2. I have an M8 in Australia and received the 5.0 update about 2 weeks ago. I did buy a non carrier version though.

    1. My HTC One M8 (also non-carrier) updated today in the UK.

    2. I don’t believe you. I have an unlocked m8 and haven’t for the update yet. How did you get it?

      1. I am really not sure. Just checked the software updates section each day. Just popped on through. I was considering using the custom rom from the HTC website but in the end didnt need to.

    3. I bought a Telstra One M8 outright, as I wanted the extra speed in the CPU. I know that I will be waiting a VERY LONG TIME for 5.0…

  3. Got the update about an hour ago in Austria.

  4. Got the update for my UK M8 last night, unfortunately didn’t go smoothly and got stuck on the HTC boot screen. Had to factory reset though the boot loader. Fortunately HTC Back Up restored my apps and phone set up. Lost everything that was stored internally on the phone.

    Lollipop is quick, but battery has taken a hammering today (I’m at 17% now, normally around 40% at this time of the day) but that could be down to restoring and re-backing up everything. My only complaint is apps can’t auto toggle Mobile Data on and off any more (I use AutomateIt Pro) unless you’re rooted, which is a change to the OS that Google have introduced.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on the battery issue.

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