Break the internet: Kim Kardashian stars in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad, watch it right here



After shaking up the mobile industry with blitz of “Uncarrier” moves, it seems T-Mobile is finally ready to hit the mainstream. After inking a deal with Seahawk cornerback Richard Sherman, John Legere is happy to announce T-Mobile’s latest celebrity spokesperson: Kim Kardashian.

Officially Kim Kardashian West, the reality TV star and wife of Kanye West (that’s her complete list of notable achievements, right?) announced her latest gig on Twitter, with John Legere stepping in to publicly announce how excited he is.

The commercial will first air tonight on Conan, so you’ll have to tune in and see if it’s worth the hype. Something tells us T-Mobile will have a hard time topping Kim’s controversial Paper Mag’s “Break The Internet” cover, but you gotta give them props for trying. As for us, we just want our Carly back.

Update: Post has been updated with the new video and it’s not half bad. (Thanks, EarlyMon!)

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  1. One of – if not the – grossest, most vapid, narcissistic, soulless, unworthy attention hoes on the planet.

    And I am not talking about T-mobile.

    1. I may have not switched to Tmobile if this was made last year.

      1. At least the man isn’t an example of where humanity is heading if we keep going down the Idiocracy road.

    2. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Paris Hilton… but it did.

    3. soulless seems kinda harsh, she is no different than any other model imo

      1. The thing is, shes not a model. She shouldnt even be famous. That dude is right. Her and her family should be put on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that unceremoniously gets sunk. The world would be a better place.

        1. but she is a model… half of what their family does is model, the other part is their clothing lines and a reality tv show. I mean i understand not liking them, but technically they don’t really do anything wrong.

          1. The reality show was first and is the only thing shes famous for, sadly, that and stripping naked on instagram and twitter and that magazine cover. Thats not modeling, thats one media outlet short of a full blown porn star. They are famous for no reason other than the fact that their dad was OJs lawyer. Overexposed, and paid too much attention to, and they know it.

          2. Those were not the only thing she has modeled for, those are just the only things you paid attention to. She’s done dozens of other magazine covers where she doesn’t get naked, how is she not a model? Kate Upton did a sports illustrated naked issue, is she no longer a model?

            Whether you like how they are famous or not has nothing to do with them being good or bad people. Also theres probably hundreds of reality TV stars who have no reason to be famous besides being on a reality TV show. It’s a form of entertainment and they’re making a ton of cash, they apparently arent paid too much attention, the market will dictate that. And the market seems to enjoy paying them attention.

          3. She literally got famous off of a sex tape that she made with a once famous r&b singer who is the younger brother to a even more famous r&b singer. before that tape she was a nobody whose dad represented oj

          4. Lol yea and so what?

          5. The fact that we’re posting on a forum board about this bimbo is the internet equivalent to McDonalds. I literally have all the information of the entire history of the world at my fingertip’s click of a button and yet here we are. :-D

          6. lol i happen to enjoy a good breakfast sandwich from mcdonalds

          7. It’s that sex tape and her fathers participation in the OJ fiasco. Then came TV and this totally 100% bogus “modeling” nonsense. And of course, her equally jacked up narcissistic soulless husband (a supreme match of people showing the universe has some humor in it to smash those 2 kooks together).

            As has been said, there is ZERO REASON this person should be famous. ZERO. And yet she is and yet people think she has contributed something valuable to this world. She has not. All she does is suck the life out of it and bring people down to their lowest level with her (and her families) inane, empty, petty, shallow and “selfie” type lifestyle.

          8. This x 1000.

          9. Oye , being on a magazine cover doesnt make you a model. Upton , at least has been modeling as a career. I understand its hard to take your hand off your junk because you think shes , for some odd reason, hot, but get over the “shes a model ” BS. Shes on magazine covers because shes “popular ” No more, no less.

          10. “on ‘a’ magazine cover” is different from being on many magazine covers, ads, spreads, and doing photo shoots for a living. You dont have to find her attractive, im not asking for you to. There are plenty of models i don’t find to be attractive, but i cannot say they arent a model just because i don’t like them. She gets paid to take photos for a living for ads that are displayed across multiple medias…. That, my friend, is the textbook definition of a model.

          11. Regardless of whether you think she’s hot or not (and for the record, I used to think she was really hot, but at this point she looks like she’s had work done on her face, which is a no-no for me), she got famous because she made a sex tape, and people thought she was HOT.

            She’s been popular because she’s hot, and she’s modeled because she’s hot and popular. I don’t know if I’d call her a professional model, but she’s certainly a model (literally), given that she’s been paid money a LOT of different times to do modeling.

            Likewise, Kate Upton is famous because she has a huge chest for her size, and has been in videos in which she shook her stuff (the cat daddy video, for example). While she certainly came up as a model, she got famous for much of the same reason Kim did–People saw she was hot outside of standard modeling gigs, and wanted to see more of her.

            I don’t understand the Kim controversy, when there are plenty of equally “untalented” people being hired in TV and movies who add nothing to their productions but a similarly pretty face/hot body.

  2. So glad not to be on T-Mobile right now. Would be so mad to know that my cellular company was paying her huge amounts of money.

    1. All that AT&T money they got laying around.

    2. Maybe watch the commercial for context before you judge?

  3. why is this bs news?

  4. Tmobile’s jump the shark moment?

    1. Just saw it. It was actually really funny.

      It was Kim poking fun at herself vs T-Mobile pimping Kim out like she’s a reputable spokesperson which would be totally lame.

      REALLY good commercial. I’m impressed.

      1. see the above comments – lol – mind as well just use paris hilton too.

        1. Paris is hot at least. This girl looks like the far side of a donkey.

          1. i’ll take her over paris, but maybe those are my black genes talkin

      2. I agree. I laughed and laughed very well.

        The world is still safe for democracy.

      3. lol

    2. That came long ago.

  5. She’s a piece of trash and it’s unfortunate that this is who John Legere (CEO at T-Mobile) chooses to associate himself with. I won’t be watching.

  6. I might have to drop T-Mobile now. On principal alone…

    1. I am with Verizon now and singed up with them in November – they have messed up my phone return and billing to this very day – but after seeing this on Principal – i just removed them from my choices and may have to crawl back to AT&T.

  7. #KimsDataStash | T-Mobile Commercial: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZTwzsV3I3OQ

    1. must not puke!
      tmobile – just went from uncannier to cheap Wh**e!

  8. Why does T-Mobile stoop to this level? This chick is a talentless skank.

    1. Because T Mobile is on the same level as she….clearly.

  9. No just no

  10. So much hate here, so much love for the VR porn just one article over. Lmao

    1. LOL think its because the 2 articles are related.

    2. The ones hating over here can’t read the other one till this evening, why do you think we’re hateful?

      1. LOL – I posted that last night when both were available, so – not sure. :D

        I’m not a fan of hers by any means – but I did find this ad rather funny.

  11. Still do not understand why this woman is considered famous. I would rather watch a rock sit for an hour.

    1. Watching the rock would probably lose you less brain cells.

  12. Please God no, not this skank… Bring back Carly Foulkes. She had class… And a nice ass ;)


  13. lmao shes a beautiful hustler that made her and her family rich from having sex with guys… while yall wives used to have sex with guys just cuz they bought her a few drinks in a club lol. yall some fucking losers lol

    1. So you’re saying its better to be a whore than a slut. OK then.

  14. LOL— that was some funny stuff—– she used to be hot before she was run thru by a variety of street thugs—uugggghhhh

    1. Only thing dumber than that commercial is your comment.

      1. NEXUSMAN:

        My comment was FACTUAL, your comment was personal. Later Dork.


          Your comments both the original and the 2nd one, to me, were idiotic and rude. I don’t recall ever hearing about her being involved with any “street thugs,” but apparently you’re a bigger fan of hers than mine. I also wonder how many people “ran through” you…or the women in your life. You’d be better equipped to give off FACTS about the women you actually know. I wonder how much hotter they used to be. Talk about people you know, THEN, perhaps, you can actually make comments that are FACTUAL.

          1. NEXUSMAN:

            The rapper thug who taped sex with her and it spread it all over the net? You don’t recall that? Kanye West, the ultimate thug, is running thru her, Damon Thomas, thug, nick cannon, reformed thug, The Game (rapper-thug), Ray J, thug-rapper.

            Listen, I have zero time to school you or continue doing research to disprove your idiotic comment. Research your info before you shoot from the hip, hero. Any other questions?

            BTW— the less you worry about me and more about my statement, the better off you will be. You sound overly insecure and further, highly emotional thing- take a back seat and see where this goes–loser.

          2. LOL. Anyone who makes idiotic racist comments like you could never school me. What exactly makes Ray J a ” street thug?” Last I checked he was a very wealthy singer and actor. (FYI, he’s NOT a rapper). Quit while your ahead you sound more dumb the more you speak. And with a name like Donelo Santiago many would say you sound like a bonafide thug yourself…see how that works?

            P.S., why are you still speaking? Didn’t you say “later?”

          3. NEXUS:

            LMFAO— stupid is as stupid does Nexus—Your circular logic is not amusing and shows your ultimate lack of intelligence– you’re on your own loser.

          4. I’m sure you think that makes sense. And that’s the sad part. Also, Ray J is still not a rapper. LOL.

          5. RAWWWRRRR

          6. Keep hurling hate and upvoting yourself. LOL

          7. NEXUSMAN:

            50 cent tapped that dirty piece too-another THUG—- do some research….

          8. “BTW— the less you worry about me and more about my statement, the better off you will be. You sound overly insecure and further, highly emotional thing- take a back seat and see where this goes–loser.”

            LOL. Take your own advice. And stop worrying about KIM…and me. LOL

  15. So dumb. Expected from T Mo.

  16. Lol it seems like A LOT of people aren’t getting that this is satire.

    It’s like people who watched the Colbert Report and believed those were really Stephen Colbert’s views

    1. satire or NOT – its not the right PERSON people want to represent T-Mo who is really SHAKING the industry up – kind of like this extreme using Charles mason to advertise his wedding and saying t-mo can stream it with your data stash… AGAIN extreme – but satire or not – this is not the right person.

  17. Wow.. I missed her before, but now I REALLY – REALLY miss Carly now. #BringbackCarly

  18. I think she almost smiled at 0:14 of the video…I have sent it in for examination.

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