T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes back after hiatus (and in lots of leather)


T-Mobile Carly Foulkes is back

The T-Mobile press event has kicked off in New York and to help flip the 4G LTE switch in new markets, Carly Foulkes — the T-Mobile girl — took the stage, marking her triumphant return to the carrier. For those unaware, Carly has been on hiatus, absent from T-Mobile’s latest “Uncarrier” adspots and even recent press events.

Today, she’s back and looking as beautiful as ever, donning her trademark black and magenta leather and we couldn’t be happier. Don’t ever scare me like that again, Carly. Also, why aren’t you accepting my calls?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Anthony Cumia hardest hit :P

  2. They do a wonderful job making this girl look super hot in their ads. To me she is just really dorky, way too thin, & baby ain’t got no back.

    1. dorky can work..but overly thin and no ass, that’s a pass.

      1. You guys are nuts.

        1. I didn’t say I wouldn’t “hit it” ;)

      2. she can just go on a eating binge and do some squats or something , both fixable traits

    2. Seriously-you are crazy.

    3. What do you mean she’s fucking beautiful

      1. Don’t forget those pointy elbows! ;)

      2. Girls are either a 1 (yay) or a 0 (nay). She is absolutely a 1. I do find her gum-teeth ratio troubling…

      3. NSFW? My browser just blocked it……

    4. Haha nice

  3. When you leave and Sprint over to T-Mo, she may give you a chance. Who knows? Didn’t think I would live to see a purple dinosaur and flying turtles, but I did.

  4. I liked her in the dress better…

    1. According to her Tweets, she’s going to be wearing the dress at the after party.. (yes, I stalk her) O_O

      1. Be sure to get a picture with her because your Phans demand it.

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          When you leave and Sprint over to
          T-Mo, she may give you a chance. Who knows? Didn’t think I would live
          to see a purple dinosaur and flying turtles, but I did.

      2. i think you’re serious too chavez..hmmm…

      3. Hi I’m looking for Ray Finkle?.. And a clean pair of shorts..

        1. LMFAO !!! Nice bro !!! Laces out ;)

      4. She’s in my instagram feed

      5. Can you wear Glass next time you’re stalking her? So that you can share the experience with us :P

    2. Disagree, the dress makes her look like she has cartoonishly ginormous hips which obviously she doesn’t.

      If she is going to wear a dress she should wear a different style than the ones she wore in the past.

    3. Why don’t we just compromise? Biikini? Is everyone good with a bikini? Ok, I think we’re in all in agreement.

      1. A quick Google of her name, shows multiple 2 piece bikini shots.

  5. Glad they brought her back ;)

  6. So gorgeous…mmm…glad she’s back…I’d almost switch to TMO just to make sure they can keep her around…love those commercials…

  7. Do you think she smells like spoiled canned ham?

  8. I’d like to JUMP her bones :)

  9. She’s like a Nexus. A marketing concept stripped down to its fundamental core — and far more effective and elegant in its unadorned state.

  10. Would bang. Again.

  11. This is news?

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