Spotify playback no longer interrupted by audio notifications, update brings quicker startup too


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Despite Spotify’s refusal to support Google Cast (but not the Chromecast oddly enough), it’s still one of the best streaming music services on the market. Today, the app is getting a nice little update in the Google Play Store, one that should make those fond of group chats quite happy.

One of the most annoying parts about engaging in a group chat is the fact that notifications are constantly coming through to your phone. When making that long commute back home and attempting to drown out the sounds of the highway with some tunes, this can be a problem with notifications constantly interrupting your music listening.

Spotify Android

In their latest update, Spotify has somehow found a way to mute audio notifications while playing music through their app. It sounds small, but for frequent texters, this is a godsend. Spotify has also fixed the sluggish startup time in the app, meaning the app takes you to your music much quicker than before, even with a poor internet connection.

The update is now available on the Google Play Store and after recently flip flopping around from Spotify, to Rdio, to Google Play Music, it might be time to give Spotify another spin.

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  1. Would be nice if Google Music had an option to mute notifications while playing too.

    (Suppose I could just use tasker to set notification volume to zero if Google Music’s playing, but that’s kindof janky, and I don’t get deluged enough to care)

  2. I wonder what effect this’ll have on audio cues from Waze or other nav running in the background.

    1. Just tried it with Waze and audio cues are coming through fine while playing music. Pretty cool.

  3. I hope Spotify has made muting notifications OPTIONAL. If not, they broke it. Even if I’m listening to music, I NEED to know when I get an email from work.

  4. This sounds alot like priority notifications for Lollipop.

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