Spotify attempts to clarify lack of Google Cast support, says Chromecast isn’t off the table [HUH?]


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Spotify ruffled the feathers of more than a few Android users when, after being forced to address the issue of why their app didn’t support Google Cast from their own users (it’s been one of the highest rated threads in their own community forums), they gave an answer many didn’t want to hear: they had no plans to support Google Cast. Instead, Spotify, would continue investing in their own streaming tech dubbed Spotify Connect, which already has some pretty wide hardware support going for it.


In a confusing attempt at backpedaling on their original statement, Spotify is now trying to clarify its original position. According to Spotify, while they wont support Google Cast anytime soon — Google’s own wireless streaming protocol — the Chromecast hardware itself isn’t off the table… Huh? Here’s Spotify’s latest statement:

“Our recent statement around Google Cast for audio should not be confused with our position on the Chromecast device. Our goal has always been to bring listeners the right music for every moment, making it easily accessible whenever and wherever they might be.

This means that in order to keep improving Spotify, we’re continuously exploring new and better ways of listening, which may include Chromecast as well as other platforms and devices.”

In its current state, the Chromecast can’t technically support anything that doesn’t support Google Cast — that’s just how it works. Seems Spotify still doesn’t understand Chromecast, or they’re simply trying to smooth things over by saying, “Hey, maybe everyone should get on Google’s case for not implementing Spotify Connect into Chromecast.” It’s confusing and quite frankly, pushing us to try out rival services like Rdio (which has supported Google Cast since March of last year).

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  1. Their lack of technical knowledge is frightening… Enough so to not consider them a feasible vendor for cloud audio.

    1. Yet it’s cheaper and has a better selection than GPM.

      1. Also cheaper than the promotional offer price?

        1. They have a “student” discount which is $5 a month, so there’s that.

          1. Student discount eh? I have been testing out xbox music.. Not that great… Spotify as well. Ok. Might just implement streaming from my synology NAS in conjunction with a free service e

          2. Can I apply for that? I have been watching lectures online at khanAcademy fow some time now as well as reading some high level business books…..Where do I sign up? :D

      2. Cheaper? Both cost 9,99€ a month

      3. One of the reasons that I left Spotify is because it would take them weeks to put up an album I wanted.

  2. So how chromecast but not Audio cast?
    Is that even possible?

  3. Maybe they are referring to Google cast as the chrome extension for tab sharing, and plan to only support direct casting?

  4. It was something i really missed when migrating from Deezer to Spotify. They should support Chromecast ASAP.

  5. I left Spotify and returned to Google Play Music largely because of this.

    1. Thinking about doing the same. Either Google Play Music or Rdio.

    2. I left Spotify ages ago because of the forced Facebook login.

  6. This is because Spotify ALREADY works on Chromecast if you cast your desktop, cast a Chrome tab (web Spotify), or cast your Android screem. Cmon people. Get with it!

    1. Shouldn’t have to do that. It should simply work via chromecast built in functionality. Why the additional steps to do something that could have been streamlined ages ago. This is clearly Spotify’s fault. It’s just like Amazon and their hopeless fight to get people on board with their crap devices.

      1. Except those aren’t extra steps as sharing your desktop, Chrome tab, or casting your Android screen are the same number of steps as any other Chromecast functionality. Why should Spotify have to pay Google more for something that already works. On top of that, Spotify Connect works with any PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and a bunch of other 3rd party equipment. Google must have pretty unattractive terms for the best streaming service in music to say no thanks.

        1. “Why should Spotify have to pay Google..”

          Are you implying that Google charges a fee for utilizing the Cast APIs?

        2. Google doesn’t charge for using the APIs. Anybody can write an app that uses Google Cast.

    2. It also works with Spoticast, a simple, free app from the Play Store. BUT: the world’s largest and most famous music streaming service SHOULD NOT have to rely on such crutches to work with the world’s most commonly used streaming device.

      I know they’d like to push Spotify Connect. But then, who’s gonna buy a new receiver for this feature alone? My 2 year old Sony doesn’t have it but it rocks out like a champ with the Chromecast. Also, no changing the channels on the receiver, ever.

      I’m thinking about trying out Rdio. Feeling a slight pinch in my heart since Spotify is European and I’d rather spend my money at home (and other than the lack of CC I can’t find anything wrong with it) but then, if they refuse to give me such a simple, useful feature because they want to establish yet another walled garden…

      1. It doesn’t rely on any crutches and the recent subscriber growth prove that. The percentage of music listening that takes place over CC is miniscule. Chromecast is predominantly for video. Plus Chromecast is practically unnecessary for most of the newest TVs. Sounds like Chromecast needs Spotify more than the other way around.

        1. There are a lot of people like me that refuse to waste money on a smart tv that will be outdated in a year, instead I can spend a third of the money on the same TV and hook a chromecast/Firestick to it and have MORE features still paying a lot less money.

    3. But it’s not the same to go through a Chrome tab as to have native support. Just like video, with native support the link/music will be picked up directly by the Chromecast and not resent by your computer. Tab funcitonality is mirroring and is inherently less efficient.

  7. I just tried to stream Spotify off my tablet to my Chromecast last night, for the first time. I never tried before, and was quite surprised there wasn’t an option by now. Loaded up Pandora instead, worked perfect. Oh well. :P

    (And streaming off my computer isn’t an option — the whole point of streaming off the Chromecast is to free up my machine. Sure as hell not going to task my box with encoding a live video stream from a web browser tab just to hear some tunes in the background.)

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