Don’t expect Spotify to support Google Cast any time soon



One of the bigger stories this week has been the announcement of Google Cast for audio. This will allow users to “cast” audio from their phone to speakers, sound bars, and receivers. Whenever we write about these things someone always asks when Spotify will get on board with Google Cast. We finally have an answer, and it’s not good.

Spotify says they will not be supporting Google Cast any time soon. Instead they will be focusing on their own “Spotify Connect” service. They feel that by owing the technology from end-to-end they can make sure to deliver a quality experience to users. Spotify already has a large collection of supported devices.

The good news is that a lot of Spotify Connect devices will also work with Google Cast. If Google Cast for audio is going to become as ubiquitous as AirPlay it will need to work with a lot of devices. The Chromecast was a cheap way to get people to use Google Cast, but audio devices is a much different territory.

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  1. Stuff like this is why I switched to Google Music. They totally screwed it up by removing features and refusing to implement what users ask for. One of the most annoying for me is you can no longer sort or resize columns on the search results. This results in 75% of the track names cut off in classical music and the inability to sort by popularity or artist.

    1. Same here. Do I buy a Spotify Connect powered speaker that stream… spotify, or do I by a 35 dollar hdmi dongle that can stream everything but spotify…

      1. The Spotify speakers of course ! Lmao

  2. They are so clueless!

  3. Looks like I will be using another streaming service.

  4. I just screencast it to my television. My bedroom and living room have surround sound so that works just fine for me.

    1. Exactly…I don’t have Spotify, but my Chromecast is connected to my receiver , I don’t even turn on the tv, I just cast audio (GPM) away

    2. That’s a solution, however your not getting near the bit rate spotify advertises doing it that way.

      1. Yeah but I’m in no way an audiophile so it is good enough for me lol

        1. That’s all that matters then. Just making sure you knew.

  5. Just use Spoticast, it does the job well and its free!

    1. It does the job slightly ok

    2. Thank you for the Spoticast recommendation. I’ve been looking for an app to do this. I’ve been hanging on to a worthless old iPad 2 to Airplay music into my Pioneer receiver for years. Now I just use Spoticast with my new Galaxy Tab S and my Chromecast. Works great!!

  6. Google Play for me, plus that comes with no commercials when using YouTube. bonus !!

  7. With spying invasive permissions I’m sure.

  8. And yet they support airplay on apple devices for what reason? I’ve had more problems with getting Spotify connect to work with kindle stick/TV is frustrating!

  9. Something tells me they’ll be eating their words for breakfast.

  10. What a bunch of morons, I was just considering giving them another try too, this is the one thing holding me back. Looks like I will be sticking to Google Music.

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