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The Search app is one of Google’s most important Android apps. Therefore it receives a lot of attention and updates. The latest update to the Google app has improved organization of the settings and made them easier to understand.

When you head to the settings inside the Google app you’ll see a new “Now Cards” page. This is where you can adjust the settings for cards that Google displays. There is a new option that will allow you to see card history on the web. You can even turn the cards completely off if you want.

Some other small changes include a redesigned stock card, source for weather information, and more contrast in the icons on the bottom bar when performing a search. If you’re running Android 4.1 and above you can download version 4.1 of the Google app below.

[Download via APK Mirror]

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  1. I’m sure this update is going to help many new users get the most of search. Especially those who aren’t tech savvy.

  2. can’t install on lg g3 from play store

  3. gonna give it a go on my N6

  4. And… native “Ok Google” from any screen as well as starting playlists (from Google Play music at least) from Google Now!

  5. I’m not digging the new black bar on my sports update. White/blue was pleasant.

  6. Does it solve the problem with hotword not working?

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