A closer look at the new stainless steel Sony SmartWatch 3 [VIDEO]


Sony Smartwatch 3 stainless steel DSC07756

Yesterday Sony came out of nowhere and showed off a stainless steel version of the Sony SmartWatch 3. The original SW3 only had a rubber/silicone band that made the device look like an over-sized fitness tracker. We got a chance to take a closer look at the new steel band and a holder that allows you to use any 24mm watch band.

The cool thing about the new steel SmartWatch 3 is that the it’s still possible to pop out the display/body of the actual watch. This makes it easy to switch between bands on the fly. Speaking of switching bands, Sony also showed off a new holder for 3rd party bands.

The holder works just like the proprietary Sony bands except for one big difference: there is no band. It’s just a piece of plastic that holds the smartwatch display/body. You can then attach any 24mm band like you would with a typical watch. No word on pricing or release date was given.

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  1. Sony is making me regret my 360 purchase quickly.

    I love the fact that it can just pop out on the fly so you can switch out bands easily.

    I love my 360, but I’d consider having two Wears now along with this one, which I think the Wear app supports multiple devices.

  2. Really wish it wasn’t so hard to understand one person when 9898373849 others are talking at the same time.

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