This luxurious $1,000 powered kids’ car has an Android tablet inside [VIDEO]


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Power Wheels and plastic convertibles be damned: this is the play car every kid wants for Christmas. Henes, a manufacturer of premium kids’ vehicles, has revealed their latest Broons model. They’re calling it the supercar for kids, and by looks alone it certainly deserves that title. This one-seater is fit for a five year old and might turn more heads than your typical affordable sedan on the road will.

But looks isn’t the only thing it has going for it. Under the hood and the entirety of the car’s chassis is a vehicle structure that can rival any actual automobile. It includes full spring-equipped suspension systems, high quality tires, an electronic steering system, 4-wheel and rear-wheel drive modes, and a 12v/24v 15,000RPM motor. Rawr.

Even more intriguing is that the company’s latest model — the F8 — has an Android tablet embedded, giving your tyke a suitable interface for changing tunes or dishing out information about the ride’s current condition. More than just entertainment, though, the tablet connectivity is used for safety purposes as a parent can take immediate remote control of the vehicle using Bluetooth, just in case your child isn’t yet old or wise enough not to venture out onto a busy road.

The caveats? Well, for starters, your kid can’t tote the honeys as it’s only fit for one person. Oh, you wanted real cons? Well, it’ll run you up to $1,000, and it’s still in prototype stages so even if you had the dough to shell out for one of these you won’t be able to buy it just yet.

henes broon f8 2

Regardless, the company fully expects to be able to bring the product to market and when they do, there won’t be any better option in terms of quality. Much like the actual automotive industry its lofty price tag isn’t going to allow it to threaten the existence of Power Wheels, but it will make everyone lust for it just as hard. Be sure to check out more details over at the company’s site.

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  1. I want this for myself!

    1. Seriously! I’d use it for local transportation around my neighborhood! :P

  2. Finally, us dads can finally upgrade our cars…err I mean childs cars

  3. Damn, my first car cast me $500 and came with 3 bottles of engine coolant and a case of transmission fluid. I thought THAT was a good deal.

  4. I can’t be the only one amazed that it’s only $1,000.

  5. $1K is a steal for something like this.

  6. Since I’m obviously too old for this, I need to have a child ASAP to have this in my possession. Hell I’ll stick my dog in there and use it through BT as a big ol RC car.

  7. Yea that 30feet of Bluetooth range isn’t much of a safety feature, I’m not sure I’d want a fancy suspension, isn’t bouncing around over stuff the whole fun part?

    1. If your child is small enough to fit into one of these cards, it’s a good idea to keep them within arm’s reach so that you can lift them out of the car if they accidentally drive towards incoming traffic. So yeah it’s a pretty silly feature.

  8. This powered kids car with the Android version inside seems to just fair enough with its great features!!Love the car and its operations!!They are simply fantastic!!

  9. Lets hope Tesla didnt make it. Dont need little kids cars catching fire from small impacts, lol.

    1. Go home.

  10. Dammit my Green Machine had nothing on this.

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