You can now rent or buy The Interview, the movie that drove North Korea mad, on Google Play


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There were reports Google was gearing up to offer The Interview on Google Play and YouTube for your enjoyment, but those reports have turned into reality. The film, which stars of James Franco and Seth Rogan, tells of two journalists who were able to land an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after finding out he was a fan of their show.

All things were set in stone for a productive visit to Pyongyang, until the CIA decided they wanted to take this opportunity to get someone close to Kim Jong-un in order to take him out. Doesn’t sound like the strongest of plots, though James Franco and Seth Rogan should make any movie fairly watchable.

But the story here is that this is the movie that has been the source of much controversy over the past couple of months. North Korean leaders publicly detested the movie, but — if FBI reports are to be believed — they didn’t display their distaste for the film in words alone: they went as far as hacking Sony’s databases and leaking a wealth of private company information for the world to see. North Korea vehemently denied they were the culprits behind the attack, of course, but US officials stay adamant in their accusation.

More than just bits of data being leaked from Sony’s servers, though, some have feared that the movie could lead to increased tensions between North Korea and their Japanese and American enemies. In fact, the ordeal has caused so much tension that there have been murmurings in the political press that this could eventually build up to a small-scale war, whether that be one that sheds blood or of the digital variety.

Sony felt so pressured from the situation (which saw several major theater chains pulling showings of The Interview from their plans) that they planned to simply cancel the movie never for anyone outside of their company to see, but they seem to have had a change of heart. They have allowed interested movie theaters to do limited screenings and digital movie distributors (such as Google and Microsoft) to offer it up on their own storefronts.

For its part, North Korea says while they deny responsibility for the Sony hack, the United States’ accusations and actions are sure to inspire them to do much worse — perhaps even an attempt on the information circuit of the Pentagon, the White House and the CIA.

That moment where you realized a stupid movie could potentially spark the next major war? Yea, we shook our heads, too. In any case, you can go ahead and rent the film on Google play for $5.99 or buy it for $14.99 if you’re curious to see what all the hubbub is about.

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  1. Is it worth the $5.99 rental?

    1. Alot cheaper than a trip to the theater. My hope is it gets millions and millions of downloads ushering in a time where we no longer have to go to the theater.

      1. I agree. I would prefer a digital release these days.

      2. A time where you no longer have to go to the theater…. You’re in that time right now, buddy. You just have to wait a couple of months before you have the option of paying for it digitally. Boo hoo. A future with no movie theaters is a horrible and hellish dystopia, so hopefully such a place will only ever exist in people’s imaginations.

        1. Sounds like a wonderful future. $12 per person to see a movie once plus $5 soda and popcorn? Sounds hellish now

          1. Yes, as stated, be patient and wait a couple months. Some people like the experience of the theater. And being in public and having to actually step outside. It’s not always just about the movie itself. Going in a group to see a “special” movie is more satisfying than sitting in a living room watching it on a moderately sized television.

          2. Why does it have to take like 6 months, anyway, why not rush out the digital release as soon as the movie is out of theaters? (Which I believe is about 2 months, and that’s if it sells well).

          3. You know anywhere else that has a ~50×50 ft screen in the single digit price? I sure don’t. And if you’re still paying $12 that’s actually a deal vs my area, enjoy it while you can.

      3. I love going to the theaters for blockbusters or for good comedies. Just can’t beat that theater experience.

        1. I think that experience is very over rated, with VR just around the corner we’ll probably create something even better and do it at home.

      4. I’m against that. Going to the theatre is an american past time!!!!

      5. I hope so, I’d really prefer if theaters were optional and not mandatory. I don’t wanna see it on the big screen for some more low key movies like comedies.

    2. Pple will pay though… As go the worth I’m not sure

  2. $6 and I don’t even have to pay for my gf’s ticket or $10 for popcorn? Sweet.

    1. You have a girlfriend???? But what about us

      1. As Chris’s hair shows, he has enough love to go around.

  3. i mainly torrent movies, but for the attention this movie got i will rent it, well done north korea :)

  4. Movie looks really bad. Might get it just to show support though.

  5. If I were Seth and James I’d feel like the universe had blessed me or something, as North Korea has given them more publicity than money could have paid for, and this movie will probably make two to three times as much money as it would have without the controversy. Hahaha

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. I know I’m on the fence about buying it just to support freedom of artistic expression.

  6. Not going to touch that movie ever, not worth the trouble it might bring. These hackers are good, not risking making them anymore angry than they already are.

    1. P*ssy.

    2. LOL…can’t tell if you’re serious. If you are, you sound like a programmable human being, sucking in all of the propaganda you can possibly ingest.

  7. I’m sorry..but nobone dictates what I do except for me and God. I will watch this over and over again.. If I die….I go out in the best way possible…laughing my ass off!!!! Hahaha

  8. That was actually pretty good

  9. Awesome movie laughed my ass off ended up buying it from Google play.

  10. just rented it.

  11. I give it 3.623 / 5 red stars…

  12. Terrible movie! Was all this N.Korea hacking etc. bullshit just to sell it? I
    know now It never would have made any money otherwise.

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