Gift idea: 2 years later, the Mountek nGroove CD slot car dock is still our top pick [CONTEST]


nGroove right angle

We’re back with yet another day of Phandroid’s Gift-a-Day Giveaway, giving you guys not only another great new gift idea, but a chance at winning some pretty awesome prizes. Today we’re showing you a Phan-favorite, a product we covered 2 years ago here on this very site and have used nearly every day since then.

The Mountek nGroove is car dock unlike most others. Instead of suction cupping to your dash, window, or fitting into your car’s cigarette lighter, the nGroove is outfitted with an adjustable fin that fits snugly inside your car’s now obsolete CD slot. The places the your smartphone in an optimal position for quick viewing and interaction — the same spot as your car’s existing controls.

Mountek nGroove front back

The model we’re showing you above is the “Grip” model and the one we actually recommend, but there’s also the “SNAP” version which requires placing a magnetic sticker on the back of your phone and is really only ideal for flat backed devices.

Now, it’s important to survey the car where this will be installed. The nGroove isn’t a perfect fit for all cars and can block certain controls and/or navigation displays. The beauty of the nGroove is its simplicity which doesn’t require any sort of glues, screws, or clips. Should the CD slot not be the most optimal place for the nGroove, keep in mind it can also fit in any of your cars other grooves and spaces.

You can buy the Mountek nGroove from Amazon for less than $20 via the link below.

[Buy on Amazon: Mountek nGroove $18.69]


Today is yet another chance to enter our massive giveaway for a chance to win Nexus devices and smartwatches. Be sure to enter every single day to improve your chances of winning. Entries for this day will remain open until 11:59 PM (Eastern) on December 21st. Good luck!

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  1. I use my CD slot….but I might have to pick up one of these

    1. Mine is wedged into the dash above the radio (There’s a nice joint where the console area merges with the top on the dash in the Impalas). Works pretty slick and gives me access to the CD player as well as all the controls.buttons.

      Have my Nexus 7 LTE pretty much permanently docked there.

      1. This is the answer I was looking for; If the Nexus 7 would fit. I’ve been looking for a mount that would fit in front of my radio. I know what my very next purchase is going to be.

  2. I use a ProClip dash mount – seamless blend into the dash at a join in the dash – and a pivot joint on that (so I can twist and turn and pivot the mount) and a cell phone (or tablet) mount on that. But I have to admit, this is a cool idea. But I cannot use since my CD slot is above my navi window so it would block it.

  3. Not wireless. No Buy :(

    1. What the hell is that supposed to mean? It’s a car mount

    2. why would there be wires on a car mount?

    3. It is without wires

      1. Is that a charging port on top? What model do you have???

        1. It’s the nGroove Snap and the Nexus 5 Wireless Charger stuck on it upside down.

          1. LOL. Classy, MacGyver, classy. :-)

      2. That’s genius. I think I might just do this myself.

  4. I hate this car mount. It literally destroyed the dust lining in my CD player. This is why I stick with suction cups.

    1. It doesn’t take a genius to expect that upfront. I bet you none of the car audio manufacturers ever think that their head unit will be used as a coaster.

      1. That’s like saying, I bet none of the phone manufacturer expect their phones to used as Frisbees.

      2. So if I buy something, I should expect & accept it will break something else for it to be used proper? Hardly. Most – if not all – car CD players have these dust strips, it’s on the manufacturer of the product that fits into the slot to design it such that it does not damage the CD player.

        With your logic, why didn’t they design it to be nailed on with nails? They didn’t because they knew that wouldn’t work out well. So, why is a design that ruins a basic piece of the CD player something to “expect upfront”? It’s a poor design then.

        1. You got it completely wrong. All I’m saying – head units are designed to handle CD’s, and are NOT meant to be a holder of your belongings – whether a phone, or a coffee mug (yes, this last one is for you Bikegk, since you don’t get allegory and hyperbole).

          1. Blkegk doesn’t need to “fancy up” his statements with BS to get his point across, Unorthodox. Lay off the arrogance and condescension and make a point without resorting to subtle insults.

    2. Thank you, you just saved my player

  5. I have this one and I love it. It positions the phone closer to me so I don’t have to reach so far and it doesn’t block the windshield. It’s also grips bigger phones with ease. I’ve used it with the Note 2, Note 4, and the LG G Flex just fine.

    I got mine from Rakuten when it was on sale for $10 with free shipping. Best $10 I’ve spent.

  6. I’ve had one of these for years and I swear by it. I have to travel somewhat frequently for work and bring it with me for mounting in rental cars. It fits and works well in the vast majority of cars I’ve rented.

    One thing I like about it is that CD slots tend to be high up on the dashboard of cars so mounting your phone using one places it high up for the best GPS reception and easy line of sight navigation.

  7. This is the best mount I’ve ever owned. T

    Now if they was only one that also did wireless charging. Then again no wireless charging in my Moto X. I can dream though.

  8. I currently use this, very nice.

  9. Been using his for about 2 years. Still love it.

  10. Best $20 I ever spent

  11. I was thinking about this and was just about to go get it, but there’s one thing that troubles me. I’m a person who sets their phone horizontal. I’ve just gotten used to that. So how does this thing fare (fair?) when it comes to being horizontal? I may have to go look at some videos to see if anybody has done that.

    1. Get the magnetic version. It works at any angle you want.

    2. Works fine in landscape mode.

  12. I’ve used this thing for about a year now, and bought a few more for gifts, every single one has been a winner hands down. Rock solid, no wobble even on a Note 2. You can easily turn the holder at any angle you want, landscape, portrait or any angle in between. Also has the benefit (on most cars anyway) of not putting the phone under direct sunlight in the front windshield which is about guaranteed to melt a phone in hot climes in the summer.
    5 stars for this.

  13. I ended up with the magnetic model by accident. Best accident ever. :-)

    On my Nexus 4 and now my Nexus 5, the magnet and high-friction surface is enough that I don’t need the sticker. I just put my phone against it and it stays. If they had a model that also did Qi charging at the same time I would buy it in a second.

    Really, it’s the only car mount I’ve ever owned that I didn’t hate.

    1. Ah, nice. But now you’re stuck with Nexus devices! :P

      1. You say that like it’s a bad thing. :-) Or any device with a magnetic back.

  14. Broke my CD slot in my new stereo. Not worth it, imo.

  15. Feels like I’ve been rocked back to the Stone Age reading about this product. Volvo Sensus Connect and Sensus Touch, with internet connectivity, full Bluetooth integration and Volvo Navigation does it for me. Costs a bit more though.

  16. Yeah, I’ve never really thought these things were necessary. Maybe it’s safer since it makes it a little harder to text while driving…

  17. lol my dad needs this

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