Review: Mountek nGroove universal CD slot car mount [VIDEO]


It’s been a long time coming, but after fumbling around for countless years with my phone between my legs, I finally decided it was time to pony-up and buy a car mount. What took me so long? Well, with so many car mounts available on the market, my issue had long been with car mounts either obstructing my view when driving (suction cup mounts), or taking my eyes way off from the road (DC charger mounts).

A few days ago, a friend of mine turned me onto a type of car mount I never knew existed — the Mountek nGroove universal CD slot mount. This mount utilizes the space left over from an ancient form of media past: your car’s CD player. Simply slide the mount into your dusty old CD player, tighten the screw, and you’re good to go. The nGroove keeps your phone right along side the rest of your car’s controls, the spot where it’s most convenient. Here’s my quick review.

Build Quality

Overall, the build quality is nice. Nothing too premium here, but I suppose it’s more about function over form. The plastic used to form the mount is rough and feels durable enough, attaching very firmly into the CD slot. When it comes to the arms of the mount, you wont want to get too rough with ’em (really, why would you?) and are lined with a cheap foam used to hug your device and hold it firmly in place. The more you squeeze, the more it locks into place. Overtime, I can see the foam becoming deflated, possibly losing some of its hold in the process, but then again, I’ve always been the paranoid type. The best part about quality of the mount is that nothing rattles — not a screw, hinge, arm, nothing — ensuring a quiet drive to wherever your travels take you.

Form Factor

Probably the biggest issue I had with the mount is it isn’t the prettiest way to mount your phone. A huge screw juts out from the top or bottom of the mount (depending on orientation) and it’s so big it can even slightly obstruct view from your radio or nav unit. Not to mention it’s just a huge screw staring at you in the face. It’s an eyesore for sure. I can’t help by wonder if there was some other way Mountek could have streamlined this a bit more, possibly even placing the screw hidden behind the rest of the mount (see pictures).


Of course, a mount is only as good as it can hold onto your device and the nGroove does a great job with that. Whether you have a case on your phone, a phablet, or a tiny-phone, the nGroove will keep it in place and easily accessible while driving. Once secured, you wont have to worry about the mount slipping out from the CD player, and it’s rather difficult to remove your device without first pressing on the release mechanism along the top of the mount.

I found that you could even mount your phone completely upside down, provided you lock the arms tight enough on you device. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is possible (see pic below). The only real negative I could find was that there isn’t much tilt in the mount, meaning it’s pretty much going to be facing directly out from the CD player in your dash. While it is possible to rotate your device 180 degrees into landscape mode, heavier devices like the Note 2 will continue rotating with the forces of gravity if you ever come across a bumpy road.


At $25, I was more than pleased with the nGroove universal CD slot mount. While it’s not exactly the prettiest (or cheapest) mount you’ll come across, it’s the wonderful combination of a unique, universal design, as well optimal placement that make this one a winner. Although certainly not for everyone, it’s definitely worth a buy for anyone who has been looking for a quality mount and no longer using their car’s CD player. Still, I feel like a $15 price point would have been a bit more fitting, but again, it’s hard to beat that CD slot design. Whether for yourself, or as a gift this holiday season, you can find the nGroove by Mountek via the link below.

Buy it on Amazon: Mountek nGroove CD slot car mount

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I was hoping you would review this after I saw you post it on Facebook, Chris. Glad it impressed overall.

    1. Likewise lol. I actually expected a disc shaped portion of it that literally slides in automatically (like normal cd’s do). Obviously the method here is much better :P

      1. Can you still play CDs with that mount on there?

        1. Probably. I don’t own one so I’m not sure, but I don’t see why not.

  2. I always watch movies with ladies in my car. Lol :p

    1. Spell check must have changed your “of” to “with.” Stupid spell check! ;^P

  3. Check

  4. Funny, I just ordered one of these yesterday after reading all the positive reviews. The CD slot is a perfect location in my car. I agree, it’s a bit overpriced.

  5. So… It just holds your phone up? Velcro costs 10 cents a foot…..

  6. I’ve had this for about two years and love it. I’ve used it in 3-4 cars and like it so much that I take it when I travel (frequently) and use it in rental cars. It’s rock solid and the CD slot is almost always the perfect placement on the dash for the phone to be for navigation purposes.

  7. As someone who repairs factory/stock CD changers, this makes me cringe a little. Sometimes there’s fragile components near that area that could be damaged by forcing one of these things in there. Of course if you have no use whatsoever for the CD player or don’t care then I guess it doesn’t matter much.

  8. Wouldn’t use it, not planning on wrecking my CD player. Especially the players today, where they are fully integrated onto the car, and you no longer can buy a cheap dash. But this also signifies the end of the disc area.

    1. I’ve used it in multiple cars and it hasn’t in any way damaged the CD players of any of the cars. One of the players had rubber flanges on the inside edge of the CD slot that kind of got mashed right when I took the thing out, but after a few minute they were back to normal. So… you’ll have to invent another objection, because I don’t think it’s likely to “wreck” your precious dust-filled CD player.

    1. It seems to be sold out on dealscube.

      On ebay from $19.90 with free shipping

    2. Sweet. I’ll add it to my post. Newegg, that is.

    3. There is $4 shipping on Newegg, so it works out to about the same price either way. Still always nice to have options if you don’t like one vendor.

  9. Mitsubishi Outlander, right? ) Just recognized the same player…

      1. OMFG…Chris you are actually smart…I just purchased one for my Samsung Galaxy Note II and no more having my phone in the cup holder :)

  10. pretty cool, but it won’t fit in the cassette deck of my 97′ Jeep. And no it’s not 8-track.

  11. Why couldn’t you flip the cd side so the screw is on the bottom then rotate the phone mount 180 so the overhang is also on the bottom. Also…. Pedal soft? Cmon!

    1. Kinda hard to explain but the shape of the entire mount is an “L” shape. Then the clip portion rests on that and rotates. You’ll have to look at the video but to screw could have been hidden if it were placed on the other side.

      1. I think you’re saying it’s offset. So to have both of them on the bottom the arms would have to be facing upside down. Sucks

    2. You CAN do this. I’ve had this unit for two years and mount it with the screw facing up in some cars, and facing down in others. The little clip that holds the bottom of the phone… you can also just snap that off (not break it, it just comes off). I took it off permanently. So you can’t even tell which way is up versus down. It works great in every single car I’ve tried it in, and I’ve used it in a lot of rentals.

  12. Anyone had one of these for a while? Does the CD player still function properly after using this for some time?

    1. The guy above said he’s owned it for over 2 years now. Seems to like it a lot.

    2. Had it for about two years and used it in several cars. Hasn’t damaged any of the CD players. Depending on how your radio is configured, it can block access or visibility to the buttons or displays above or below. But the nice thing is you can mount the unit either way, with the screw facing up or down. So in some cars I mount it one way to allow access to other controls, and in other cars I mount it the other way. I’ve never once tried to use it in a car where I couldn’t mount it and get to all the controls and displays I need access to.

      1. I have had mine for about nine months now. I did a mini review on it after purchasing the unit.

        Overall I really like it. I have some complaints but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I have not tried my cd player since installing it but it doesn’t sit very far in the slot while still holding snug. I’m sure it is fine.

  13. Thank you so much for testing this with the Note 2.
    You can never tell what that beast will fit in.

    1. That’s what she — nah, too easy. O_o

      1. Chris you STOOPID :p

  14. Blocks the controls on your radio. I agree velcro makes more sense. Don’t waste your money or buy a dash mount. Some of us still raise the volume and listen to the radio. Duh

    1. I use the volume buttons on the phone…and remove the mount if I need the radio (takes all of 10 seconds…)

      But yeah, not for everyone…and mine doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore (only 3 months old).

  15. Chris, any possibility of fitting a Nexus 7 in one of those? Or is the 5″ form factor maxing it out?

    1. Yeah, it max’s out at on the LG Intuition. Nexus 7 would rip the little arms off. Lol

      1. You sayin the Nexus 7 is a wookie?

        1. *AWHDDADADDDDA* (wookie yell)

  16. I use this mount with my N4, LOVE IT!

  17. The side charging connection is on the Evo 4G LTE.. But from the looks of the video and pictures, the charging port seems to be just above the two side tongs.
    I’m also tired of my phone being between my thighs as I drive…
    You know that your phone can emit radiation and since it’s between your thighs, you can become infertile! My balls are at stake here! :-P

    1. I know it’s in my head but… I always feel them tingling when I put my phone between my legs. Freaks me out. Lol

  18. I’ve had this mount for about 6 months i think. It is great. Even cars without the cd player almost always have some sort of slot in the dash that this can mount in. Like aging work vehicles. I like that it stays put, doesn’t leave rings on the windshield like the suction cup mounts. Doesn’t break clips off in my AC vents. And works for every phone in my home. Five stars.

  19. I bought one based on reviews elsewhere and after 3 months, it is, in fact, sliding out of the CD slot.

    This is in an ’09 stock Impala.

    I’ve attempted top “screw it tighter”, but it simply bulges the device and doesn’t seem to actually cause it to grip into the slot any better. Since it started slipping I have tried it both with the tightening screw facing up and down.

    I think I’m going to have to take the thing apart and try and figure out what’s causing it not to grip in any tighter. Something is not functioning properly. (For the first two months, it worked perfectly)

  20. .

    Just try convincing my wife and kids that a CD player is dusty and ancient. Not going to happen for several years, at best, and they have all the mp3 players they want.

    Just face it, some people like CDs for their natural abilities.

  21. I recently went CD-less with a JVC KD-X50BT head unit, so I’m out… Good idea though!

  22. Damn is there something like this for the Nexus 7?

  23. I’ve used this for 12 months. the best there is! no mount is better. works great, very stable, and made of good quality materials! LOVE IT

  24. I own this… I actually flipped the unit upside down so that the screw was on the bottom. I did this because it was too high up for my tastes. Works like a charm, much better than a vision-obscuring window or dash mount.

  25. @Gamercore:disqus If you can take the mount’s screw all the way out, go to a hardware store. They have a board where you can test fit to match the threading. A shorter bolt would probably be a little more stealthy.

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