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Check here to see all the gift ideas and chances to enter!

The calendar has switched to December, which means the Holiday season is now firmly upon us. Finding that perfect gift can be the most stressful part of the Holidays. This year we’re doing our part to make the gift-giving much easier, and you might even win a few awesome prizes for yourself.

Today we’re announcing the Phandroid Gift-a-Day Giveaway! This is the biggest giveaway that we’ve ever attempted. What that means for you is more chances than ever to win awesome gifts from ‘ol Santa Droid. Here’s what you need to know about the giveaway.

  • Starting tomorrow (12/2) through December 21st we will post one “Gift Idea” each day.
  • These “Gift Idea” posts will be cool things that we think would make great gifts. Most of them are Android-related, but not all.
  • At the bottom of each “Gift Idea” post will be a widget that allows you to enter the Giveaway for that day.
  • Every “Gift Idea” post is a new chance to win something. Each post is open for entries until the 22nd.
  • On December 22nd we will have a live Google Hangout where select the winners for each day and match them up with their prize.



All of the 20 winners are guaranteed to win something. Some prizes are better than others, but a majority of the winners will be getting a device from our vault. Here is what will be up for grabs:

  • Nexus 6 (2)
  • Nexus 9 (2)
  • Nexus Player (4)
  • Moto 360 (2)
  • Sony SmartWatch 3 (1)
  • LG G Watch R (1)
  • ASUS ZenWatch (1)
  • An assortment of additional gift ideas and prizes to be determined

That’s 13 devices in total, which means 65% of winners will walk away with a new Android device. The other 35% will get other great Android-related stuff. TL;DR: you will win something, and it will be awesome.

Rules & Conditions

Every good giveaway comes with some rules. To enter this contest you must be of the age 17 or older. The contest is open to participants from ALL REGIONS. Prizes will be shipped out on the day following the winners selections.

Good Luck!


The contest begins tomorrow (12/2) with our first “Gift Ideas” post. Keep your eyes peeled each and every day to give yourself as many chances as possible to win! Happy Holidays and good luck!

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