CyanogenMod and Yu announce their first Android phone, and yes — it’s a blatant CoolPad F2 clone


micromax yu yureka

It’s finally happened, folks — Micromax’s Yu brand has launched its first smartphone. It’s called Yureka, and it’s based on CyanogenMod. The duo have an exclusive agreement for Indian distribution, meaning this will be the only smartphone loaded with CyanogenMod that you can get in those parts of the world (OnePlus has even had to halt sales of their Cyanogen-based smartphone in that region due to a regulatory ban).

So what’s this awesome, exciting new phone? Well, it’s not new at all — it’s a CoolPad F2 with Yu’s logo and a CyanogenMod ROM loaded up. The device is literally a carbon copy, with everything from the look and feel right down to its spec sheet being identical in every way imaginable. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 5.5-inch 720p display
  • 1.5GHz octa-core Snapdragon 615 64-bit
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage, microSD slot up to 32GB
  • 13 megapixel Sony Exmor sensor
  • 2,500mAh battery
  • CyanogenMod 11 w/ Android 4.4.4 KitKat (5.0 promised down the line)

That said, it’s still a phone that has to capture your attention if you’re living in India and in the market for a new phone. The cost of admission for that bit of kit is Rs. 8,999 (or about $142), so it definitely is one of the better values Indian consumers will see. More importantly than hardware specs, though, you have to put a lot of weight behind CyanogenMod’s backing and the unmatched software support sure to come with that.


Cyanogen did do something a little extra for Yureka’s ROM, including a nice set of themes to choose from and support for Nextbit Baton, a software sync platform that allows you to backup your apps and app settings, and even seamlessly transfer the state of an app from one device to another. That means you could be in Facebook on your tablet looking at a photo, and have the option of opening Facebook and being jumped straight to that same photo.

Folks interested in the Yureka can get their order in exclusively from Amazon starting December 19th, though there’s no word when the actual launch date is. Stay tuned for all those details and more in the days and weeks to come.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why tell me about something that I cant even buy? Its torture I tell ya

  2. “microSD slot up to 32GB”. This confuses me: if you’re going to the bother of supporting MicroSD, why only several generations behind on capacity? Is it substantially extra development effort to support the current 128GB limit?

    1. Because cost? Older tech is cheaper?

      1. It’s a software issue though, and a solved one, I thought? Do 64 and 128GB cards require different hardware? The cards themselves cost more of course, but it’s not like Yu is bundling one with the phone or anything.

  3. When people think they can “Play God” – it never ends well.

    1. Or scientists in a Sci-fi movie.. ;P

  4. Wanting this phone with att and T-Mobile bands, on screen software buttons, less than five inch display and I’m perfectly happy with this Eben though it’s a clone. A very cheap clone.

  5. How about we talk about CM turning their backs on customers and users with teh OnePlus/Miramax fiasco? At this point, I’m regretting advising the OPO to my fiance- not because of the phone, but because of CM. I’m not sure where this will leave her in the future, or other buyers of CM devices.

  6. Maybe it’s a copy of CoolPad F2 but who did they copy it from? Maybe CoolPad made it? Who knows.

  7. “The duo have an exclusive agreement for Indian distribution”
    Until Cyanogen Inc. plays dirty again and stabs them in the back for yet another deal with a different company.

  8. Another pile of trash and a wasted space on this site.

  9. Their logo is interesting. I take it as a box (vaĝina) with a triangle set of pùbes and maybe the other half could be a pen¡a

    With the tag line of “Play God” meaning you can create you own world of Yu devices

  10. Coolpad and Yu do seem to have some differences on the 3G and 4G versions they support. Also the SOC is different. http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/comparison/30b71aec1

  11. The phone looks great for the money, but the Band support on the radio makes me want to PUKE!

  12. Let us hope this phone doesn’t come with the Chinese Government Backdoor on Coolpad f2: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/12/18/coolpad-android-phones-infected-with-malicious-backdoor

  13. coolpad is based on MTK chipset. its uses Cortex-A7. i.e Armv7. Micromax Yu is based on Snapdragon 6xx. A53 cores in there. i.e Armv8 with 64 bit chipset. I hope you understand what these all means… again GPU is different. the whole chipset is different, including radio parts. ever compiled a kernel? please do some research next time.. good luck.

    1. you could take your own advice and do some research. there is another version of f2 which, specs wise, looks pretty much the same as yureka: http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/comparison/95b51aed9

  14. Coolpad? Does that mean it comes with preinstalled spyware?

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