Gift idea: Nest smart thermostat and Dropcam webcam [CONTEST]


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We’re back with yet another day of Phandroid’s Gift-a-Day Giveaway, giving you guys not only another great new gift idea, but a chance at winning some pretty awesome prizes. Today we’re kicking it up a notch with the Nest thermostat and Dropcam security cameras. Both of these products are very popular, and they also happen to be owned by Google. Let’s take a look.

Nest Thermostat

Nest 1

The Nest Thermostat was the first device to shake-up the thermostat industry since perhaps the stone age. A thermostat may not seem like a sexy gadget to care about, but it controls a good chunk of your energy bill. The Nest learns your patterns and automatically adjusts to save you money. It also has great integration with Google Now.

  • Auto-Schedule – Remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself
  • Auto-Away – Saves energy by automatically turning itself down when you’re away
  • Remote control – Connect the Nest thermostat to Wi-Fi to control it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • Easy install – Most people install the Nest thermostat in 30 minutes or less

Buy on Amazon: Nest on Amazon ($247)

Dropcam Webcam


Dropcam is a series of wireless Wi-Fi webcams that can be placed around your house. Like Nest, the Dropcam webcams are a breathe of fresh air in the previously stale home security industry. You can monitor your home via mobile apps, speak through the webcam from afar, and get alerts when someone is in your house.

  • 60 Second Setup – Use your computer to find your Wi-Fi network, live stream in under a minute.
  • High Quality Video – Get into the details with 720p high-definition video.
  • Fast and easy setup – online and securely streaming 720p HD video in 60 seconds.
  • Field of View – 107 degrees diagonal, plus Night Vision and Zoom, means you don’t miss a thing.
  • Cloud Video Recording (CVR) – Review footage and make clips with optional secure offsite recording.
  • Stay connected with Two-Way Talk, Intelligent Alerts, Scheduling and Mobile & Web apps.

Buy on Amazon: Dropcam ($150) | Dropcam Pro ($200)


Today is yet another chance to enter our massive giveaway for a chance to win Nexus devices and smartwatches. Be sure to enter every single day to improve your chances of winning. Entries for this day will remain open until 11:59 PM (Eastern) on December 21st. Good luck!

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  1. Great prize! I’ve always wanted to pick up both of these.

  2. This is a good giveaway, I would love to have both of these items to keep tabs on the house!

  3. Great security camera.

    1. canary is a better security camera in my opinion, ( )

  4. I’ve wanted a DropCam for a while now.. it’d be a great gift!

    1. also, take a look at the canary ( )

  5. I’ve been thinking about the Nest for awhile now, just a little too pricey.

  6. Been wanting to buy these for the house, but just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Would be so great to win them….thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  7. I’ve been trying to talk my wife into letting me get the Nest Thermostat. It seems like a great way to save money.

  8. Best gift ideas of 2014

  9. Awesome Gift idea

  10. A dropcam would let me keep an eye on my mischievous cats when I’m not home.

  11. This is a great gift idea for my parents!

  12. I have a 3 year old and a 2 month old. These products are invaluable to a Dad of two!

  13. Sweet!

  14. I love my nest thermostat… A drop cam would make a great gift…

  15. Been wanting a Nest for a while. Thanks PHANDROID!

  16. winner, winner

  17. awesome

  18. I like both the dropcam and the nest. I’ve wanted to try out both since they came out.

  19. drop cam would be good for checking on the dogs

  20. Sweet Giveaway

  21. I’d really like to try out the Nest and the Dropcam would maybe help us keep our dogs out of trouble while we’re out.

  22. i keep debating getting a nest, so much money but would be so nice to have

  23. I would really like to have a NEST device..have been wanting one for awhile. Just haven’t been able to drop the money on it.

  24. have one dropcam wife wants another. great purchase!!

  25. I think the nest is a great gift idea

  26. Will definitely be picking up a Nest when I buy a house in the Spring.

  27. Great idea, those two items go hand in hand in starting up an automated home!

  28. Nice

  29. I would love to have a Nest, especially with the new Google voice commands!

  30. Nice contest!

  31. The NEST is a great device, I’ve been thinking to install one in the house!

  32. I already have the nest 2, but that drop cam is hot.

  33. I love nest, and would like a second as we are going to be putting in a second zone in my house. The camera would be awesome too, could keep an eye on my kids :)

  34. I just need to convince my wife that a Nest Thermostat is worth the price. She will just consider it another gadget.

  35. Currently building a house with a pregnant wife, so the nest will be a NEST-ESSITY! (*too cheesy?*)

  36. I think this is a great idea for someone who wants to dip their toe into home automation/connected home.

  37. Would love to add a dropcam to my list.

  38. I’ve been thinking about these for so long. I would love to win one.

  39. digging both of these products

  40. Great products.

  41. A dropcam seems interesting.

  42. The Nest and Dropcam are NOT prizes. We’ve got even better prizes :)

    1. What do you mean by that?

    2. the canary ( ) is a better alternative to Dropcam in my opinion.

  43. I have always wanted to try a dropcam but never could get around to finding a real need.

  44. Dropcam is my next want to have toy.

  45. good luck everyone!

  46. You can talk through the camera? Very cool idea!

  47. Love this gift idea, great promo! Go job Phandroid!!!

  48. Nice, can’t wait to win!

  49. I LOVE both of these products!!

  50. Would love to have a dropcam

  51. Cool

  52. Either would be great, but I’d really love a nest to replace my ancient unit. probably grab one after the holidays. a new nexus or watch would be great to win though!

  53. Gotta have the Nest!

  54. Is the drop cam or the drop cam pro the give-away?

  55. i’d love to have a dropcam to compliment my nest!

  56. Both are way cool gadgets!

  57. I like free devices

  58. Nest would be a great christmas gift for my gf.

  59. I’ve been looking at those for a while

  60. Love the Nest!

  61. Nest is a great product that I’d like to use in my house

  62. The nest if a great replacement for the out of date mercury filled thermostats.

  63. I would enjoy either of these products

  64. Loving my nest

  65. I’d like to have a Nest. Also, I think you embedded the wrong rafflecopter widget.

  66. Oh yeah!!! Even better prizes!! I love the sound of that!

  67. this guy needs a baby monitor

  68. interesting technology to try with. cant wait to get one of those ^^

  69. Love my Nest… missing Dropcam ;-)

  70. These are great. An upgrade anyone can appreciate.

  71. Great ideas. Been looking for a camera for the house for a while and this might work. Only wish they made and outdoor camera

  72. Wish I had a Nest.

  73. Definitely want these!

  74. Been mulling the Nest over for too long. Now, with Google Now integration, it’s high up on my list.

  75. Yes

  76. nest bring easyness lol

  77. Nest is awesome, can’t wait till I get it back after my heating is converted to gas.

  78. I love me some Nest!

  79. Already have one Nest and it’s great; thinking about a second for the downstairs thermostat. Too bad that’s not the prize today!

  80. Would really like to get a smartwatch!!!!

  81. Been eyeing one of these for a while. Would definitely love to get one.

  82. a nice automation for home

  83. A bit pricy for the gift, but for a special someone its definitely a good get!

  84. Really want one, but it costs too much to justify the purchase :

  85. nice

  86. Count me in

  87. Dropcam would come in handy

  88. Please let me win a Moto 360 or a Nexus 6!!

  89. This is an awesome contest! Who wouldnt want $350 worth of free goods???!?!?!?!?

  90. This would be a very nice gift for me!

  91. I’ve been keeping my eye on the nest for a while. Would be a nice addition. The cam would be fun too. Especially to keep an eye on my dogs when I’m not home

  92. This is great. Security and energy saving all in one package! Awesome!

  93. Would be a nice upgrade for the house!

  94. It is pretty neat. Great for if you have kids at home who do not know how to adjust temperature themselves

  95. I want the Dropcam Webcam. I just purchased the Nest

  96. Sounds awesome, our thermostat is crapping out! Good timing to win a Nest.

  97. If I had the cash, I would buy these for people I know.

  98. dropcam will be good addition in my home… :))

  99. I want one

  100. Great give away, good way to being to modernize a home.

  101. Very cool home tech. Definitely should be on anyone home renovation list

  102. Dropcam looks fine, especially when there are workers at home

  103. Some awesome gifts, would be thrilled with any one of them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. This is an awsome gift!

  105. I really want to try out a Nest, especially since they are starting to integrate it with Google.

  106. I would love to try it out

  107. Really like the idea/future of Dropcam and Nest, not sure I’m ready for either in my house.

  108. Definitely could use a new thermostat! Especially a smart one.

  109. could use the dropcam for a baby monitor, baby due in March o_O

  110. Nest is Awesome.

  111. I want an N6!

  112. Wait what do Wii U daily have in common with Nest?

  113. Nest Baby!

  114. Well dang, now I’d only have to buy one of these

  115. Thank you guys

  116. I think the Nest Thermostat would be a wonderful addition to my friends house renovation. The Dropcam is great too but I’m concerned about not having local storage vs. cloud storage.

  117. I keep eying the Nest thermostate. Just not sure if i want to spend the money for it.

  118. I really want a Nest

  119. I’ve been considering a Nest for my Mother for a while now. She is super conscious about energy use and has lowered her bills in every way, but she complains all the time about her programmable thermostat. Giving her something that would learn from her and lower the energy usage would be great.

  120. i want this from android santa

  121. I hear a lot of good things about these products from my boss and customers. I would love to win these for my home.

  122. Entry comment.

  123. Entry comment 2

  124. Fingers crossed!

  125. Maybe my luck will change and I csa win something cool.

  126. sweet idea

  127. I wonder what the prizes will be.

  128. amazing idea!

    I have been wanting a dropcam for home ;)

    1. do you think its better than the canary? ( ?)

  129. After owning a nest I highly recommend one to anyone.

  130. Great idea! I’ll take a set, please!

  131. Still not dropping $150 for a dropcam…but it’s inching closer

  132. lol dang… thought the nest and dropcam were the prizes… I really need them

  133. Would love a smart thermostat! I looked into it for my home and was told I’d have to do a custom relay for my older HVAC, so offsetting that cost with a free Nest would be sweet. Thanks guys!

  134. I too thought the Dropcam and Nest were the prizes hence my reason for entering, but make no mistake the actual prizes are great as well.

  135. I haven’t been able to afford any new Smart Items… I need to get on the ball before they are smarter than me!!

  136. The nest is literally the one gift I wanted to gift to the family that I couldn’t afford this year. Anyone who wins should be very happy.

  137. thermostat seems to me a more sensible choice for gift

  138. Dang, this would be pretty awesome. I’d love it to see how my dog gets to certain things on the counter that she shouldn’t be able to get.

  139. #ultra #thermostat

  140. dropcam doesn’t let you store the video recorded from a dropcam without PAYING… However, a better alternative is the canary from because when you buy one it comes with 12 free hours of cloud video recording (continuous), and 5 free saved video clips. for $0 monthly. of course you can choose to lengthen the amount of recorded video by paying more money, but at least there’s a free option.

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