OnePlus celebrates 1-year anniversary with open sale and a new 10,000mAh power bank


In case you didn’t know, it’s the one-year anniversary of OnePlus, and they’re doing something a little special to celebrate. For starters, they’ve put on another opportunity to buy the OnePlus One without an invite. Both the Sandstone Black and Silk White are available if you’re still in the market for one of the best values in mobile. We’re sure the opportunity won’t last long so be sure to take advantage right here if you aren’t keen on waiting for an invite.

Any new company doesn’t come without their bumps and bruises as they grow, and OnePlus isn’t shy about reflecting that. They talk about all the things they’ve learned over the past year in their blog post and video (embedded above), and it’s definitely an interesting watch if you’re even remotely interested in how the company came to be. OnePlus is also doing a giveaway that’ll give you a chance to win a OnePlus One for wishing them happy birthday on Vine, so be sure to partake if you’re feeling lucky.

To top all that off, the company has introduced their next big accessory — it’s a power bank. A quick $15 gets you 10,000mAh of juice that can be used to charge your smartphones, tablets or any other USB-based devices that need charging. It comes with two different 5V2A ports which should provide a fast enough current to get your smartphones juiced in a reasonable amount of time.

oneplus power bank 3

Finally, OnePlus is giving you a chance to help name the company’s own-built ROM that they’re working on (which we won’t be hearing about until early 2015, unfortunately). You can enter the contest here, and the winner receive a trip to Hong Kong to meet the OnePlus team, a OnePlus One and the aforementioned power bank. Not a bad deal at all. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of any of this.

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  1. Power bank coming soon, meaning we’ll have to wait forever

  2. @2:30 you can see MKBHD under their twitter feed.. Lol

  3. Get your Power Bank invite now!

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