T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 announcement coming tomorrow


03/26/2014 T-Mobile Un-Leash Announcement

Welp, T-Mobile’s continuing their explosive Uncarrier movement with yet another announcement. Tomorrow is 8.0, and we should be expecting something big as T-Mobile has yet to disappoint on any of these announcements (well, unless you count the iPhone-specific ones as disappointments, anyway).

T-Mobile CEO John Legere will be on tap to discuss the company’s announcements, and it’s all being live streamed via Yahoo at 10:30am Eastern time for everyone to see. It should be live at this link here once that time comes so be sure to bookmark it and circle back. Of course, Phandroid will be on top of the news so don’t worry if you can’t watch it live.

T-Mobile’s moves over the past couple of years have forced competing carriers to step their game up and match the insane value that being part of Magenta provides. The carriers have seen increased churn rate (that is, people leaving to switch to another carrier), which means their pocket books have taken a bit of a beating.

It’s not enough of a beating for them to be concerned just yet, but if they let T-Mobile keep rolling with all these exciting announcements and perks it might not be long before they’re forced to match wits and ways. Whatever happens, though, consumers will be better off because of it.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Wifi Calling for the Nexus 5?

    I wish.

    1. Bound to happen if you get on XDA. Source Code, Kernel, a bit of ROM coding, and then you get a new ROM to use. I would own a Nexus 6 if they had Wi-Fi calling out already + a multi window and a good battery, but it’s not as good as the Note 4.

      1. I own Both , while the Nexus 6 doesn’t have wifi calling which for me at least I could care less and rarely use , as far as multi window goes I personally think that’s over rated also , and Battery life while each person uses there phone differently I find that the nexus 6 , has just as good if not better then my note edge , there both great phones each with there own up’s and down’s , it’s still early in the game but once the developers start making rom’s and kernel’s both of these phones will be untouchable , this is the longest I have waited to root a phone that should say something as a flashaholic , both phones are fast as hell with excellent battery life stock , just have to wait and see , I’ve been dying to try team nocternal’s rom on mu N6 , maybe tonight ………..: )

  2. T-Mobile still has a substantially higher churn rate than AT&T or Verizon but let’s not let that fact change the narrative that T-Mobile is somehow bending the wireless industry to it’s whims.

    1. Tell us why AT&T is better.

      1. Maybe because they charge more? LOL

      2. Att is better for me because it works better. That’s in general the reason. I know different areas different results but that’s how it is here

      3. Numbers make you mad huh? Good luck with that.

        1. Mad??? Are you serious?

          Asking you for some clarity on why you’d respond within SECONDS with insider sales-numbers about a company that isn’t the one you work for?

          You seem like the one who’s quite mad when someone mentions Sprint or T-Mobile. Funny coincidence, eh?

  3. I think its to admit they hacks Sony and are giving away one celebrity phone number for every switch

  4. I switched from Verizon to Tmo and the savings and service has been great. I will concede that they still have a long way to go to gain better coverage. But I look forward to their announcement. At the pace they are going coverage, plans, and phones will be at near supreme level by mid 2015.

    I hope it is a new phone annoucment and expanded coverage. With hints of Lollipop being released for their top tier phones.

  5. I’ll wait until their coverage is better in my area.. That’s about all I have against them .. oh and the garbage customer service my friends on T-Mobile have received .

    1. A few bad customer service experiences when dealing with tens of millions of people is not altogether unforgiveable (though certainly regrettable and worth correcting).

      1. While I doubt they are dealing with tens of millions of people.. I do think they deal with a lot of people and not all are bad experiences just a matter of the experiences they had . Their crappy service in town from one area to another is the biggest negative.

  6. I feel bad for those who say T-Mobile has bad customer service…I’ve been on T-Mobile for 8 years…really had minimal issues with oppose to sprint who I had for 4 years before that…what a nightmare.

    1. It happens sadly enough.. I mean i see have complaints about AT&T CS but they’ve always been good with me. I guess it’s a luck of the draw..

      1. Sure. Just get ready for the same ‘good’ treatment when you get fleeced for an insanely high bill from the Death Star.

  7. It’s probably to announce the Vodaphone move.

  8. Hopefully it will be something that will give Verizon or At&T a run for its money….I would love to dump Verizon for T-Mobile if the new offer is worth it

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