Gift idea: Pulse smart LED light bulbs with built-in JBL Bluetooth speakers [CONTEST]


LED light Bluetooth speaker

We’re back with another gift idea for our Gift-a-Day Giveaway! If you live in a relatively modern home, you might be fortunate enough to have a recessed speaker system wired throughout every room. A luxury for sure, for all us normals living on a budget, we’re forced to get a little more… creative. Especially when it comes to looking for thoughtful, unique gift for the holidays. The Sengled Pulse LED lights are just such a gift.

More than the typical “smart” bulbs you can find at your local hardware store, these Pulse LED bulbs actually pack JBL Bluetooth speakers in each bulb, making it possible to fill an entire room with surround sound music, and a speaker system that’s tucked away out of sight.

Installation is a snap. Simply screw the lights into the socket of your choice and pair them up with the companion Android or iOS app. Once paired, you can both dim the lighting or adjust speaker volume using the easy-to-use app. That’s it.

$170 lands you the master bulb with matching satellite bulb and they come in either Pewter (silver) or Candy Apple (red) colors. Users can purchase additional satellite bulbs (up to 8) that can be set up to 100 feet apart to really get the sound flowing throughout a house or apartment. The bulb — with audio — is only 15W with a peak of 30W. Anyone interested can get started by picking up the Pulse LED Bluetooth speaker bulbs from Amazon right here.


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  1. Sounded so cool until i saw the price, but it’s for 2 so the initial shock has died down. So many pranks to play.

    1. Pricey but cool. Put one in the bathroom ceiling light and listen tunes while showering or taking a poo.

  2. for the price i would just buy something else… it wont work well when i actually need light to see anyways..

  3. they have another brand of these on Groupon for single not for a pair.(i think.) i have lamps on the sides of my sofa and i would love to have them compliment my surround sound and put a speaker/light in each lamp.


      Groupon link. after buying 2 it isn’t much money being saved than buying from Amazon link… But hey you may only want one.

  4. woah, this would make for some killer photoshoots lol

  5. I have a similar product in my TV room: The key problem is, duh, if you turn off the light switch in the room you lose your speakers, too. Be warned. It means if you want to watch a movie with the lights off you have to replace every bulb in the room / on the circuit.

    Well, that and they’re still crazy expensive.

    1. These are dimmable so I’m guessing watching movies with the lights off shouldn’t be a problem?

      1. Sure, provided you have no other lights on the same circuit as these. I have 6 can lights in my ceiling, 2 of which are speaker/LEDs. I can’t turn off the other 4 without also turning off the power to the two speaker lights, and thus losing audio. :-)

        I’m just warning people to be careful of that.

        1. Ah, I get what you’re saying. Good lookin’ out!

  6. Wonder how good these actually sound..

  7. I wanna see the sound quality on these

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