Universal ADB Helper makes it easy for newbies to tinker with their devices


universal adb-helper

Rooting and tinkering with Android devices become easier and easier thanks to the great tools developers have whipped up, and another of those great tools has arrived. It’s the Universal ADB Helper, an app which helps you issue commonly-used ADB commands to your phone. It’s a simple batch file (which means Windows only, unfortunately) that’ll bring up a command line interface, but the only commands you’ll be issuing are numbers to choose which action you want to perform.

It comes with a fairly long list of functions:

  • Reboot in a certain mode
  • Install Apps
  • Delete PIN or Pattern on CM
  • Show Logcat
  • Show device
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Factory Reset
  • Flash Recovery
  • Change bootanimation
  • Choose connection
  • Own ADB-Command

And the developer is adding more in each and every update.

ADB — short for Android Debug Bridge — is an interface used by Android developers for testing software on their devices, but the aftermarket development community often uses it to make it easier to push files and flash images. The standard, official installation of ADB alone can be daunting enough for the average user, and the need to remember commands can be even more confusing, so this tool definitely deserves attention.

Of course, even the most experienced users can use this tool if they prefer to let a batch script do the heavy lifting instead of having to issue commands themselves, so don’t overlook this if you don’t consider yourself a “noob.” The download can be had from the source link straight ahead.

[via XDA-Developers]

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  1. Would be nice to have a Mac version too.

    1. And Linux.

  2. Phone has to rooted to use all functions.

  3. And with this an influx of idiots on XDA asking how to unbrick their devices

  4. Eh well, Android Forums already has a mini SDK package which supports Win/Mac/Linux. And includes an easy installer shell script for Mac/Linux. And is only 1.7 MB in size. Check the FAQ forum. Who knew?

    1. From all of us at the forums – thank you my friend!

    2. good to know

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