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2014’s final days are less than a month away, and that can only mean one thing: the end of year lists are coming. While it would be easy to make our own proclaiming the best of the best and be done, we would rather hear it from our readers. Here is your chance to sound off on your favorite Android apps, games, and devices from 2014 with Phandroid’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Vote for categories including Best New App, Best Smartphone, and Manufacturer of the Year, and let your voice be heard. We’ve provided a few suggestions for each but feel free to fill in your own if you have a better choice. The poll will be open until December 19th. We’ll tally up the votes and announce the winners at the end of the month.

Kevin Krause
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  1. I’m really interested to see who takes home the “Biggest Fail” award. I got my money on OnePlus…

    1. That’s hard to say. All of those were pretty huge fails. I can’t even decide which one to vote for.

    2. One Plus is selling as fast as they can make them though. The Fire phone was just terrible. That got my vote.

      1. Wish I could upvote more than once.

        1. I also couldnt upvote him more than once, so i upvoted you as well

    3. HTC Re for me, most people wouldn’t even realize it ever existed

    4. ASUS PadFone X for me.

    5. As far as biggest fail, how about the new Android Forums layout

      1. Unless it’s opposite day, I vote your comment as biggest fail of the year :)

        Honestly though, most people love it and the new features are hard to beat. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have specific gripes that could easily be fixed ( rob at thiswebsite dot com )

        1. Just having a little fun boss man. It just takes a long time user like myself to get used to it

    6. Wow. There are a lot of good choices for the biggest fail – and all of them deserve the “win” I think. It was a hard choice for me between the Amazon Fire Phone and One Plus’s marketing and promotion. I ended up voting for OP because it wasn’t a one time fail – everything OP has put out has been wishful thinking on their part, a misrepresentation of the facts, or a straight out lie. While no single event is that big, there have been such a large number of fails that it got my vote.

    7. Fire phone all the way.

    8. All OnePlus happy owners, including me, will disagree

    9. Went w/ the Fire phone. Such a highly publicized fail. And because it was such a poor release in its initial form, it deserved that highly publicized ribbing

    10. The amazon phone was dead before it hit the ground. The OnePlus was a huge letdown after the high hopes. My pick for the Biggest Fail

    11. Your money is safe

  2. If Motorola doesn’t win manufacturer of the year, all other results are invalid – one of top smartwatches, several top tier phones, best mid-range phone, Nexus. The sales and marketing department needs some work, but they are destroying it on the actual products

    1. Best midrange phone, Nexus 6?!? I’m not big on that phone, but I definitely wouldn’t call it midrange. Does a device need to have previouslyunlaunched specs to be considered top tier? If so, nothing launched in the last 1.5 years from Moto is top tier…

      1. Moto X

        1. That was and the moto g. First gen I love, especially the g LTE. Daily 4+ hours OST, can’t complain there…

      2. The listing was confusing. I wasn’t saying the Nexus was the mid-tier, I was listing the various successes of Motorola. Moto G is the best mid-range phone (mid-range performance and cheap price). I’d put the Moto X up near the top tier (not on specs, obviously, but performance and ratings – consistently makes reviewers top 5 phones)

        1. Makes more sense. An “and” can make a big difference to that list

      3. I have the Nexus 6, and it is a great phone, but IMO, the Moto X (2014) is probably the best phone out there, and certainly is when talking “bang for the buck”

    2. The have one other problem and that’s availability. You can’t buy one directly from a carrier where I live. The only option is to buy one from third party store like phone house or other online stores.

    3. I’m going with LG for year-on-year improvement. The LG G Watch, personally, is the best performing smartwatch out there (haven’t compared to Sony’s though) whereas the LG G3 is, IMO, the best phone available though tied with the Moto X2.

    4. Personally I think Xiaomi did really good this year, I really like the direction that their company is heading

  3. Writing in Hitman Go for best game.

  4. The huge green rectangle after you submit your vote though……

  5. I added the Lollipop rollout as my biggest fail so far. It didn’t quite rollout to the nexus line as I beleive was intended. Motorola hit the scene a few weeks earlier than it did last year. Hopefully it will see devices outside of stock or near stock experiences soon.

    1. lol, so what if you get your update one week after One M8 does?
      Dont be like a crybaby that got his toy stolen, its a good thing that rollouts are happening fast this time.

        1. No it hasnt been ‘as slow as ever’, a lot of devices already got it officially. Others will also get it really fast this time.

          1. .

  6. How is the re cam in the biggest fail? I love it? I assume sales were poor but having to go to three best buys to find one because they are sold out is usually not an indicator of poor sales? Has anyone even used it or just hating on principle?

  7. A HUUUUUUUUUUUGE rectangle after hitting submit should be one of the choices. That, and Sprint. Sprint should be on every category….just because.

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