Dec 4th, 2014

google plus pinned post

Have one especially important post that you need EVERYONE to see once they land on your Google+ page? The latest feature added by Google is right up your alley. You can now pin posts to the top of your page. This would be insanely useful for developers or companies who need to share important information about updates and upcoming products, but your average user can get just as much use out of it, as well.

You can’t pin everything — Google limits you to just one at a time — so think long and hard about what, exactly, you want the first thing to be shown when people visit your profile. Or you could, you know, opt not to use it. Totally up to you. Head to the Posts tab on your profile page and hit the dropdown menu of whichever post you want to pin in order to access the new feature.

[via Google+]

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