Dec 4th, 2014

AirDroid 3 has found its way into Google Play, and if you didn’t already use this must-have app before today you’ll probably have great incentive to start now. The biggest change by far is the addition of new native applications for Windows and Mac OS. Whereas before you’d need to log into your AirDroid server through a web browser, this will give you a native interface that should be a lot more fast and open up a few new possibilities.

One of those possibilities? The ability to mirror your Android phone on your PC. AirDroid has always facilitated alerts about incoming calls and the ability to view and, but this update takes it a step further by allowing you to respond to incoming text messages or answer, dismiss or mute a call from your PC.


Otherwise, AirDroid 3 grants access to your phone as if it were shoved inside your computer display. The feature does require root, but that’s a small price to pay for sweet functionality like this.

Also featured are end-to-end encryption, notification mirroring (in case mirroring the entire phone doesn’t do it for you), a tweaked user interface for the Android app, improved file transfer and, of course, your usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements. Google Play has everything you need right here, but be careful — the burst of awesomeness headed to your phone could cause fainting.

[via AirDroid 3]