AirDroid 3 lets you mirror your entire Android phone on your PC


AirDroid 3 has found its way into Google Play, and if you didn’t already use this must-have app before today you’ll probably have great incentive to start now. The biggest change by far is the addition of new native applications for Windows and Mac OS. Whereas before you’d need to log into your AirDroid server through a web browser, this will give you a native interface that should be a lot more fast and open up a few new possibilities.

One of those possibilities? The ability to mirror your Android phone on your PC. AirDroid has always facilitated alerts about incoming calls and the ability to view and, but this update takes it a step further by allowing you to respond to incoming text messages or answer, dismiss or mute a call from your PC.


Otherwise, AirDroid 3 grants access to your phone as if it were shoved inside your computer display. The feature does require root, but that’s a small price to pay for sweet functionality like this.

Also featured are end-to-end encryption, notification mirroring (in case mirroring the entire phone doesn’t do it for you), a tweaked user interface for the Android app, improved file transfer and, of course, your usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements. Google Play has everything you need right here, but be careful — the burst of awesomeness headed to your phone could cause fainting.

[via AirDroid 3]

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  1. “respond to incoming text messages or answer, dismiss or mute a call from your PC”

    anyone know if these features can be accessed without rooting the phone?

    1. I know responding to text messages has always been supported without root. Not sure about dismissing/muting calls, though I don’t see why that would require root.

  2. got rid of pushbullet for this. I’ve always used airdroid but this is just a more complete package.

    1. Eh. Pushbullet does some stuff that AirDroid can’t (e.g. pushing to friends and stuff) and it’s generally made for a different purpose.

  3. Of course theres no Linux support. Because its SOOO hard to make somthing for Unix that will also work on Linux.

    1. OSX ≠ UNIX. They’ve built it on top of Apple APIs to make it a native OSX application.

    2. Maybe if Linux users stopped whining on every single launch of a product that doesn’t immediately support Linux the developers would feel more inclined to support them?

      1. Even if I didn’t whine about it, most devs still wouldn’t make their programs Linux compatible because to them its not worth it to waste their time just to please 1% of the market.

        1. That’s absolutely true. So why are you whining again?

          1. That fact that devs almost always ignore Linux. And its not just for PCs, Android often never receives games and if we do, we get them much later than iOS.

          2. But you understand why – it’s usually not worth it because the Linux desktop market is tiny and it requires significant effort and cost to develop for and support an additional platform. Which is why your first comment came across as whiny and entitled. Perhaps that was just frustration, but it’s not the developers fault. If you want the breadth of applications available on other platforms your options are limited.

  4. Can sign up. Told me my email address was already used (News to me!) Their site’s continuously throwing 500 errors. I hope they’re just getting hammered right now and this isn’t a reflection of the actual experience.

    1. Receiving the same issues, however, it seems to be buzzing so its no surprise. I’m chopping it up to a lot of traffic.

    2. Yeah sorry about that, I have been using your email address off and on for a while, just forgot to tell you. My bad.

  5. Can’t even connect to server right now guess they are getting hammered and hard

    1. Ok got it hooked up and Mirroriong is laggy on my 5ghz n connection. Looks like they need to work on lowing the latency.

  6. I think it’s worth noting that Galaxy devices have had an app availble for a while called Side Sync, which does the same things, and without root. I use it on my desktop, and it works over USB or wirelessly. That being said, Wifi is great for notifications, but to get smooth mirroring and good call quality through the PC, I’d definitely go the USB route.

  7. Gave it a go, got sms and whatsapp notifications fine and could reply from Mac. Chrome browser version was easier to use. The Mac version was ok but just a bit more persistence was required to get it working. Sadly, mirroring isnt yet supported on Android 5, not great for me with my Nexus 5 :-/ Hopefully they fix that soon, as I see this as really useful :-D

  8. oh, cool. Almost the same as Blackberry Blend.

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