Dragon Quest 3 brings 30 hours of RPG fun to Google Play for $10


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Square Enix is continuing their tear on the Google Play gaming scene with another big release today. You can now snap up Dragon Quest 3 for $10. That price tag is hefty, but Square Enix prides itself on offering full games without any annoying in-game purchase shenanigans. Indeed, you’ll be treated to the full Dragon Quest 3 experience as it was when it launched many moons ago.

And its price tag isn’t just owed to its lack of in-app purchases: the game is flat-out good. Dragon Quest is one of the most influential series of Japanese RPGs of the gaming world, putting you in control of a 16 year old kid who’s tasked with slaying an evil presence that looms over the kingdom. Talk about thrusting your child into fire and hoping he comes out a gem.

The game features 30 hours of gameplay, giving you control over up to 4 people at a time (each of whom can be tweaked and customized to you liking with new stats, abilities, weapons and more). Of course, controls and interfaces have had to be adapted to mobile devices but you can otherwise expect fairly standard graphics for the game’s time (it originally launched in 1988) so hooray for all you nostalgia addicts. Don’t waste anymore time in getting it from Google Play.

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  1. This was probably my favorite game growing up. It has so much replay value that I just bought it again.

  2. The developer of Monument Valley should take note.

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