HTC “Hima” flagship outed with Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM, 20 megapixel camera and more


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Another day, another ridiculous HTC rumor. This time, Upleaks has come forth with information regarding an HTC Hima, a flagship device that may or may not eventually become the next successor in HTC’s successful One lineup. While we don’t get any flashy leaked press photos, we do get a nice plate of specs to salivate over:

  • Snapdragon 810 chipset with Adreno 430 GPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 20.7 megapixel rear camera, 13 megapixel or Ultra Megapixel front camera
  • 5-inch 1080p display
  • 2,840mAh battery
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense 7.0

Doesn’t sound too shabby. If this is, in fact, to be considered the spiritual successor to the HTC One M8, it’s in heavy contrast to a supposed specs leak we reported on earlier in the week. The biggest discrepancies have been in areas of the display resolution and battery capacity, though both rumors suggest nearly-equal horsepower under the hood.

The above specs make us a little wary considering everyone expects HTC to join the 2560 x 1440 display instead of repeating their effort from yesteryear, though to be quite honest 1080p still looks just as crisp as anything needs to look at that small of a size.

Of focurse, it’s jsut as likely none of these reports are accurate and we still have no idea what to expect out of the Taiwanese OEM’s design rooms. HTC’s expected to tell all once Mobile World Congress kicks off in March of 2015, so we’ll have a while yet before any of these rumors are crushed by reality.

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  1. I like this…..simple reasons, there really isn’t any major need for battery hogging pixels on 5 inch displays, my 46inch screen t.v. is 1080p and I love it, bigger battery, more efficient cpu and better optimized android lollipop, all I can say is speed , speed, speed, HTC already seems to be the smoothest UI out there, and with stronger internals and less pixels to push HTC Will be the best again in terms of performance, also with dam good battery life, I hope this ain’t a rumor

    1. Agreed.. If they can manage to get the size of the phone right, this will probably be my next device.

  2. Yep 1080P look so good..I am using a Nexus 6 and the display doesn’t blow me away….F QHD

    1. It’s because it’s on such a small scale. If all the content you were looking at was also 2K to take advantage, you would notice it right away. Not even all television is in 1080. It’s one thing to have it, but your content needs to be right there with it.

      1. Exactly. And there is almost zero content available. Like 4k on TV now. Pointless

        1. Well, there is no easy transition. It was the same issue when content was trying to move to 1080. You just simply have to do it and wait for everything to catch up. Its gonna take some time but there is no mission to just send a notice to everyone and say, okay, switch to 2K and up. Shrugs. I would love a 2K screen, but I’m just fine with a 1080 screen.

          1. I remember those days. I would look at a 720p video on Youtube and complain that it was going slow and say “I’m fine with 480”. Now I watch Youtube and complain when someone has 480p video. They outta line!! LoL!!

            And I know I’m triflin’ for thinking that way, from a consumer point-of-view. LoL!!

  3. I don’t care to much if it’s 1080 vs 2K, but if one of those specs are wrong, then it makes you wonder what else might be incorrect that you would want to be right. I definitely would want a better camera, bigger battery, and little to no bezel. HTC had been holding onto that bezel before Android was even on the scene. I’ve owned a HTC Touch Windows phone when it first came out. I understand drivers are behind it, but they have to figure a way to make space and move parts elsewhere to shrink them dramatically. It’s still the best looking phone in my opinion. Just small refinements like that yearly.

  4. Until they have a battery that could last several, several hours why bother with QHD, 2K, whatever. I doubt it’s such a noticeable difference it’s worth creaming yourself over.

  5. I’m still loving the expandable storage and removeable battery on my G3. Regardless of the other specs, HTC is dead to me until they include those features.

    Edit: thanks for the corrections, I forgot the M8 had microSD.

    1. Are you a heavy user and or person that keeps just about everything on their phone? Maybe even gammer?

      1. Yeah, I’m still anti-cloud if I can help it.

    2. M8 has SD Card

      1. Oops, I keep mixing that one up with the new Motorolas. But yeah, removeable battery is still a big plus for me.

    3. Agreed! I’ve been spoiled by the expandable storage and removable battery on my G3 as well. If you have a spare battery and battery charger, it feels amazing never having to worry about battery life ever again. Low battery? Simply take 30 seconds to pop in the other one. Bam.

      I could live without removable storage if the phone had at least 64GB of storage. However, removable storage has saved my previous phones many times. The USB port would be broken and I would be stuck in a bad flash. Can’t adb the new zip nor restore from back up. Removable storage to save the day!

      1. You do realize the only feature the one M8 missing is removable battery right, you do know it has expandable storage

  6. I have a g3….there is absolutely no point to a 2 display. It’s pointless. Beautiful screen, but I have seen equally beautiful 1080p screens. 2k on a smartphone is like 3d on a TV… Just needs to go

    1. Yeah I was actually quite unimpressed by the screen on the G3, but I only saw the demos at T mo. It might be a different story w/ a personal device.

    2. Have a G3 as well and agree. The G3 screen is nicer than my friend’s HTC m8, but the super amoleds remain #1 in my book. I would rather trade in the 2k with the supposedly higher performance and battery life. Not complaining though, the G3 is great, but always starving for next-gen

  7. These are specs I can get behind! 1080p is more than enough for me. I’m hoping for a bigger battery and a smaller profile in the HTC M9. I love the 5 inch screen size. I don’t want a bigger phone. I hope these specs are close to what we get.

  8. 5 in screen is a deal breaker for me. Give me a 5.5 in, HTC !!

    1. I’m with you on that one!

    2. I’m assuming that HTC will come out with a M9 and an M9 Prime, to compete with the Galaxy S line and the Note line.

  9. This phone sounds impressive….except the battery and screen size….I would think its gotta be 5.5 inch given HTC’s history with huge bezels. The battery has gotta be bigger too.

    1. Maybe the 810 will help offset the battery size.

      1. oooo pretty solid point. depends on the chipset I guess

        1. as well as 1080p vs 2k

          1. I’m with the 2k theory….I dont really think it makes that big of a difference. I love the 4k on my Nexus 6, but I would have loved to nudge it down to help battery life.

  10. I would much rather have a 1080p screen that can be seen outside in direct sunlight as opposed to a 2K or 4K screen that you can barely see on a cloudy day.

  11. I think they’d be playing the market well to differentiate themselves by using only a 5 inch screen, and 1080p is fine only if they can provide a far longer life and/or brightness with the same battery duration by using it.

  12. that would be great, i tire of seen oem just building giant screen phones, 5″ to 5.1″ is the sweet spot for me.

  13. This is what I hope it is. No need to join the QHD craze. This will be my next if true.

  14. I’ve been looking for a powerful reasonable sized phone and this may be it. If the shrink the bezels I’m sold.

  15. How about a phone garunteed to go all day without a charge with more than light usage? I have yet to see a phone do that besides the iphone or droid phones with huge batteries. I dont want a huge phone that hides a huge battery. I want a 5″ phone that is slim and goes all day. Specs on paper are just that, specs. Does not equate to a better phone just cuz it has more ram or more megapixels. iPhone 6 still has only 1 gig of ram, yet feels totally fast and is the phone to beat. Why do our droids require 3 gigs now? Because android OS is not as polished or finely tuned. Hate to say it. I love my galaxy s4, my next phone will pry be G4 or new HTC. But 2k displays, 4 gig ram, who cares if the battery cant go all day? Not me.

    Oh and is it really worth mentioning that next years HTC phone, flagship or not, is launching on lollipop? I think its safe to say any phone launching in 2015 will ship with lollipop except for mega budget phones.

    1. Well let’s see. Kitkat can run on with a mere 512 MB of RAM, also TouchWiz REQUIRES 3GB of RAM. LoL!! (I’m not too sure actually), but those skins are quite large.

      Also, define light usage? Because for starters, if you have sync on, you’re no longer consider “light usage”. Turning that off is the first step to be a light user. I have friends that uses an iPhone and I know a light user. He literally only uses his phone for talking or texting. He only chargers his iPhone like once every two days. That’s light usage.

      Then there’s my other friend who plays a game for about 10 minutes, textes, IM’s. I mean, is that still light usage? Texting? And he’s charging his phone by the end of the day.

    2. Dude that phone exists right now… its called the HTC One M8… I NEVER have an issue with light use lasting more than a day.

      1. agreed. With light usage mine lasts all day. When not in use and just sitting around, the battery barely drops at all.

    3. m8, and xperia compact, gs5, can all go a full day on more than light usage. Android has more ram because it has deeper multitasking (pop up video, dual screen, 20x apps running in the BG without refreshing the app or closing apps, etc.) Just because something has a spec doesn’t mean it “requires” that spec to run. Not every company gives you only the bare bones specs you need. Why complain about a little extra cushion? If choosing between two computers and both cost the same but one came with 4gb a ram while the other came with 8gb would you scoff at the one with 8gb?

      1. Sure I love more hp as much as the next guy. But cmon its a phone if you are multi tasking that much on it you need to find a hobby. I consider myself a heavy user, my s4 lasts til almost all day. It was a huge upgrade/improvement over my galaxy nexus. I am just saying each year the flagship phones just keep touting more hp when really they need to find a way to better utilize the existing hardware. Throwing beefier hardware at the problem has proven to not be the answer. I “hear” s5 and m8 can go all day, thats fantastic. I think the apple deserves some credit for getting this far while still only putting 1 gb of ram in it. If it would make a noticable improvement to add another gig of ram, even with increased production costs, apple would do it, and pass on the increased cost to the customer. Obviously their fan base will pay whatever they ask for their products. 600 bucks for 2 year contract price 128g iphone is ridic yet ppl pay for it.

        1. Well that’s a matter of personal usage. I don’t need expandable storage, but i’m not going to tell someone to get a hobby if they do. I’ll give you an example of why ram is important to me, a few years ago, the original HTC One X had 1gb (i owned the Evo LTE spinoff), and it would eliminate the cache of apps were running in the background if they were idle for too long. This window was very small, so as a subway user, i would load up multiple webpages in my browser, put my phone in airplane mode, and then tried to read the pages when i went underground. Due to my lack of ram, after a certain amount of time, my phone would kill the cache and attempt to reload the website, and sit i had no connection, i wouldnt be able to see the page i had previously loaded. So yes all phones do this to a certain extent, but it was happening much quicker with my 1gb HTC One X than it did on the GS3 with 2gb of ram for example. So that is why I love more ram.

          Also, phone’s have been increasing their battery lives every year. If i woke up at 7am, my Evo 4g(2010) would be dead on my by 8pm…

          if i woke up at 7am my Evo LTE (2012) would be dead on my by midnight with about 4-5hours of screen on time. (nexus 4 battery was a little worse)

          If i wake up at 7am, my G3 (2014) could run into the next morning on 30 hours of battery and 4 hours of screen on time. And my g3 only gets “average” battery life. There are plenty of phones with better numbers.

          My daily usage includes 2 hours of video, some music, some tindering, and some web browsing, half the day on wifi.

          1. I see your personal point and it makes sense, I’m not arguing that more ram isn’t better or welcomed. My point is apple has been doing this in iphone with 1 gig for many years, android software needs to better utilize its hardware. To accomplish what iphone can do with 1 gig android needs 2 or 3 gigs. The software is the problem. Your HTC killing pages shortly after opening to keep ram available is a HTC problem software problem, not a problem of not having 3 gigs of ram. A handful of web pages does not require 3 gigs of ram. So yes in your case the newer phone with more ram solved your issue. I suspect you can load up 10 web pages on iphone 6, turn it on airplane mode and read them just fine with no service and only 1 gig of ram. Think about that.

          2. No i agree some of it is htc, but as i started out the comment iphone cant do all the types of multitasking android can. Pop up video, dual screen, multiple launchers, etc. And you shouldnt really compare a phone from 2014 with 1gb of ram to one of 2012. Im just saying you dont NEED 3gb of ram but it never hurts to have extra ram. And having more doesnt mean less battery. The iphone doesnt even have the best battery life for a smartphone. I also think competition amongst android has a role. Iphone is only competiting with iphone on ios. Meanwhile samsung is competiting with htc and lg etc. So there are spec wars vs apple but also within android, so one will add an extra gb of ram just so they can market it…. And my last pont is… To me efficiency doesnt matter. If one phone can get 20 hours of battery on 1000mah and another phone can get 40 hours of battery on 3000 mah…. Its means nothing to me. All i see is one phone lasts 20 hours while another lasts 40 hours for the same price. But thats just me.

  16. “Of focurse, it’s jsut as likely none of these reports are accurate and we still have no idea what to expect out of the Taiwanese OEM’s design rooms.”

  17. Band12 for T-Mobile this will be my new phone

  18. I hope this is true. This would be perfect. I have the DNA right now and I’m looking to upgrade. I was going to go for the Droid Turbo, but now I’ve decided I want to stick with HTC. The M9 rumor sounded good, but 5.5 is bigger than I’d like and the 2K screens seem like more trouble than they are worth.

  19. 5 inch screen and make bezels thinner please.

  20. I’d prefer to see that battery in the 3k’s

  21. Why is this rumour ridiculous exactly? These specs sound totally plausible, and I for one am excited.

  22. small battery

    1. 2840 with a 5 inch 1080p display isn’t small

  23. Bringing in the bezels, removing the need to stamp htc on the front, and this would be the perfect phone.

    A modest screen size might also keep htc’s flagship at a better price point than the competition.

    I’ve always respected when htc refuses the specs arms race. They incorrectly gambled the last 2 years with choosing the camera, but they have the right idea. Offer people a good experience on the correct specs and a reasonable price and the purchases will start to go up.

  24. I’m perfectly fine with 1080p. On these phones with 2560 x 1440 phones, I’ve been hearing nothing but “overheating” and “lower than expected battery life”. I mean, that’s what will happen. You up the screen size and you up the size of the battery to compensate. Meaning you’d be getting the exact same battery life you’ve been getting before.

    Nah!! I’d rather keep my screen resolution and up my battery. Until the actual battery itself advances, we won’t see much difference in battery life unless we increase the physical size.

    Now as far as these specs go, I’m starting to wonder if there is going to be an HTC One M9 Prime. My next device will be a phablet. I play too many games to not have one yet. Though… My phone slows down with all those apps, so I move them to my tablet. =.=

    I know I don’t need one, bah!! Why can’t life just let me have my cake and eat it too?

  25. Fine with 1080p but that screen size has gotta get bumped up I’m sick of all the other main flagships having larger screen sizes than HTC. Its pretty annoying. It better have a 5.5 inch display.

    1. Conversely I’m sick of flagship specs requiring a hulk-sized phone – it’s pretty annoying ;)

      I’m fine with manufacturers offering phablets as an option for those who want them, but I specifically don’t want anything larger than 5″, and would if anything prefer a bit smaller.

      1. Same here, I don’t want anything over 5.2″.

  26. All those worried about the bezels should take a look at the DNA. It is 5 inches and the bezels on the side are almost nonexistant. It’s a 1080 screen and honestly, I’d be perfectly happy with the exact same screen + a little better performance in daylight.

  27. What is an “focurse”?

  28. This would be my choice if they can reduce the height of this phone smaller than M8, get rid of the HTC black bar and perfect size. We’ll have to wait and see. M8 was awkwardly long for me.

    1. Something in between M7 and M8 would be perfect for me. M7 is a bit too short, M8 too tall.

  29. Snapdragon 810 with a 1080p display. This will be ungodly fast.

    1. And good battery life

    2. Give us a GPE version and I’m in.

  30. Small form-factor, heavyweight RAM and CPU? Sounds great! I’m counting on HTC to put front-facing speakers on it. Bonus would be wireless charging and waterproof-ed-ness.

    1. You read my mind!

  31. Crap battery size, I will
    never buy a phone with that battery

    1. With a 5″ 1080p screen, 2840mAh should be plenty.

      1. nope, that battery size is crap, it should have at least 3500mAh for that QHD display.

        1. It’s not QHD, it’s 1080p.

          1. My mistake, still a battery of at least 3500mAh is needed, I have my LG G2 with a 3000mAh and is ok, but a 3500mAh would make a difference. I dont know why this companies are so stupid not making the correct battery sizing, a phone with the HTC characteristics and a battery of 3500mAh will make a real difference, I will change my LG G2 instantly with a phone of that characteristics.

          2. I agree that bigger is generally better with batteries, but I think 2840mAh should be decent for this size and resolution. My N5 is also 5″ and 1080p and only has 2300mAh, and I got great battery life until Lollipop came along.

            Software has a lot to do with it as well. I’ve found every other update to Google Play Services to kill battery life, then the next update fixes it, then the next update breaks it again… What we really need is a way to limit wakelocks. You could sort of do that with Xposed and Wakelock Terminator on KitKat, but with Lollipop there’s no Xposed. In Lollipop, I’ve found Google Search to be another trouble-maker, it keeps the phone awake a ton.

  32. QHD screen with a 2840mAh battery…looks like trouble, same old battery issues. In my view, 3500mAh battery should be the minimum and screen should 5.2″.

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