Hurry: Google giving away guaranteed Inbox invites until 3PM Eastern


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Quick heads-up to anyone who hasn’t yet gotten an Inbox invite: now’s your chance! Google has announced that anyone who sends an email to [email protected] requesting an invite before 3PM Eastern time will most certainly receive an invitation.

Inbox is the next evolution of email as envisioned by the Gmail team, though one could accurately describe it as “Gmail labels on steroids.” Its worth comes from an easy, yet powerful and effective way to filter emails into whichever category makes sense. Ask anyone with hundreds of those promotional offer emails rolling through how good it feels to be able to dismiss all of it with a tough of one button and without having to fumble through a confusing user interface to do it.

We’re not sure where the sudden burst of generosity came from, but don’t delay in hitting Google up for your invite. Once you’ve gotten it you can find the app in Google Play right here.

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  1. Have had Inbox since the very first round of invites went out… have completely forgotten about it. Just don’t have a use for this model of email. Sounds like a lot of other people I know are the same way.

    1. I used it for about a month. Reverted back to regular Gmail. At first I thought it was great and would be very useful. Turns out I really just prefer to see my emails sorted based on when I receive them. No need to categorize everything. I did like the snooze feature though.

  2. I can’t say I found this to be useful or pleasurable to use. It was a good idea, in theory. In practice, however, it just doesn’t bring anything of value to the email experience.

  3. Since the first time it was possible to invite others, I’ve invited random people using all of my accounts to Inbox.

  4. I didn’t like it either

  5. I actually like it a lot. I find I can go through my email much faster using inbox than I did with gmail. The biggest thing is being able to mark an entire bundle as done in one tap. In gmail I would have to select each email and then select archive. In Inbox I can quickly scan the subjects and if there’s nothing that I need to look at further I just mark it all as done.

    If you already have a workflow that works for you in gmail then that’s great. However, in my case, I was able to modify my workflow to go through my emails easier and faster.

    1. Same here, I also like the reminder function and being able to unselect notifications on low priority groups so only e-mails I care about gets through.

  6. false hype for most people.

  7. It’s alright… Mailbox is still the best well Mailbox to use on the App Store and Google Play Store, because it syncs all of your email to the Cloud ( Not your iCloud account), so you don’t have to worry about running out of space on your phone because you have 6,000 emails on your phone. The ONLY problem that it has is that it currently only supports Gmail and iCloud emails, which is not a problem for me, because I only use Gmail, but it is a big problem for others.

  8. Men, still prefer gmail. Now I simply get two notifications per email

  9. I like Gmail better. Gmail is simply better at getting things done. Inbox is pretty, but only at the expense of ease of use.

  10. gMAIL WINS.

  11. I absolutely love inbox honestly. I have been using it for probably a month and have loved it!

  12. Inbox rocks, not going back to gmail unless it goes away. Biggest issue is I need to keep gmail app running, as otherwise my google now integrations stop working. Would appreciate feedback on that from others, running two email apps suck the battery on my nexus 4.

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