T-Mobile knocks $50 off a Nexus 6 for Cyber Monday


Nexus 6 T-Mobile Cyber Monday Deal

Those upset they missed out on the short lived return of the Nexus 6 to the Google Play Store earlier today might be lucky after all. As part of a Cyber Monday sale taking place online, T-Mobile is discounting Google’s latest handset a good $50. The deal is good for both 32GB and 64GB varieties, bringing the grand total to $600 and $650, respectively.

Combine this with Google’s current promotion offering a $50 Google Play Store credit, and you have yourself a pretty killer deal. Keep in mind the T-Mobile Nexus 6 is SIM unlocked out of the box, meaning in theory you could use it on a completely different carrier if you’d like. Better hurry. If Nexus 6 stock is as low as it is on Google Play, this deal wont last long. Purchase link provided below.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Would this work (voice and data) if I buy it and pop in a Verizon LTE SIM card? I’m under the impression that the Nexus 6 has both CDMA and GSM built-in.

    1. Yes, inquiring minds would like to know. My assumption is that it will, but confirmation would be nice.

    2. Nope, won’t work.

    3. Talk to verizon, they arent for known letting un authorized devices on their network

      1. Due to their acquisition of 700mhz spectrum, in small print they agreed to allow unlocked phones to be activated on their network as long as it met the criteria of having the necessary radios among a few other things. This phone has them all. I popped in my SIM card and bam, it works like a charm.

        1. that is quite intresting, verizon is becoming more GSM

    4. Yes, I have confirmed that it does work, as long as you already have an existing sim card. Its uses a Nano, but yes a T-mobile version will work on Verizon, but they will not just give you a nano sim to put in, you would already need to have one.

  2. Damn, that’s a hell of a deal.

  3. The 64GB model is still backordered. Mine has been backordered since the 20th.

  4. T-Mobile is hitting the competition hard today with discounts on 3 of the biggest phone models on the market: iPhone 6, Nexus 6, and Galaxy Note 4.

  5. Also, one should note that I have been a Tmobile customer for years, but I was told that if you order this phone as a new customer/line then they will ship the phone within 2 business days. Well I got my 64gb Midnight Blue version on 11/24/2014. So I didnt experience it being backordered but my sister who purchased it a full day ahead of me is still on backordered.

  6. I can’t seem to be able to order it online without a plan though.

  7. What Play Store $50 credit? I just ordered a Nexus and I didn’t see anything about that. Did I just miss out on something?

  8. good deal, except you cannot buy it without a plan?
    i.e wont let you sign up for the 100min unlimited data plan for 30/month

  9. Still waiting for my 64 GB to get shipped. When I ordered on the first day, they gave me a estimated arrival date of 12/2. But that isn’t going to happen since the phone hasn’t even shipped yet. No updates in over a week.

  10. Nexus 6 is nothing more than a big screened smartphone with NO PURPOSE or true multitasking/productivity abilities a battery draining useless stock handsets

    1. Says the Samsung fanboy who more than likely hasn’t even come within 5 ft of the device, let alone used it.

    2. So I’m guessing your not going to buy one?

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