Here’s how you can cash-in on Motorola’s insane Cyber Monday deal ($140 off) for the 2014 Moto X


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Motorola is running a great promotion for Cyber Monday today, if you haven’t heard. They’re chopping $140 off a no-contract Moto X 2014, bringing the prime time performer to just $369. Verizon users who don’t mind signing contracts have it a bit better as they can grab that particular model with a familiar two-year stipulation for just one penny.

To top it all off, you’ll get 30% off any accessories you buy with your Moto X, so it’d be a good idea to grab that case, set of headphones or wireless speakers alongside that shiny new phone. Motorola’s sticking with their tried and true code-based system to give you some flexibility in ordering one.

You’ll need to secure your code by completing the sign-up form here, and you’ll have until Monday, December 15th at 11:59pm central time to actually place the order. Be sure to take care of all that right here before it’s too late.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. They are out already

  2. Already out of codes…

    1. U GOTTA BE QUICKER THAN THAT! Lol @JaswinderSinghJammu:disqus u 2 buddy! make a deal with 1 of u, if the nexus 6 goes on sale before the 16 im getting it and will give away my code.

  3. Registered right on the 12:00PM EST dot. They sent a confirmation email and it stated the code will be emailed by 11:59PM CST tonight.

    1. same here, just got my code 5 mins ago!

      1. if you have a code and dont use it can you paste it here?

  4. It’s 359$ not 369.

  5. Still have not got my code

  6. Ciber Monday seems like a perfect time to grab the Motto X 2015 Pure Edition.

  7. So can I open a new line with Verizon and snag this phone and then pay an ETF of $350? Basically buying this phone at a big discount or will I be on the hook to return the phone?

  8. I feel bad for grabbing a code now and potentially not using it. I just don’t see it as an upgrade from my OPO, let alone a sidegrade due to battery life. I just want a perfect match for my 360. Lol.

    Edit: I have yet to get a code, so chill with the requests. Either way NM2 was first.

    1. Can I have it? . please

    2. can you pleaseeeeee send it to me.. i wanna get this for my mom and really really need the code, please .. we have been waiting to get it for so long. nm0710 at gmail is my email

      1. Enjoy it. I actually offered the X to my mom but she’s happy with her G instead. Go figure.

    3. Thanks for the update :) …
      check my post I post a request for code 4 hours ago, Nguyen requested an hour ago :) but its your code… I am in line. thanks

    4. any updates on your code please?

  9. I’m in the same deal as steveb944. almost

  10. If anybody does not want – Please send me code at [email protected] | I finally convinced my wife to try Android and drop her IPhone :)

  11. Does anyone have any opinions on the xperia Z3? I’m torn between the moto x 2014 and the z3. I currently have the older moto x and love it but I hate the curved back. I might be giving up my code and get a z3 instead.

    1. Hi Laila, can i have your promo code if you’re not going to use it? Thank you.

  12. i realize this is a long shot, but please send me a code if the three other folks ahead of me also get one. i logged on about an hour after it started due to some work commitments, and they were all gone. was finally going to upgrade…

    1. Ive got the code but don’t plan on using it. I can send you it just not here. Anyway I can pm it to you?

      1. [removed]

        1. I am not sure what exacty ur email addresss is can u copy paste the address?

          1. tried giving you my e-mail there. feel free to post yours and I can e-mail you. i do not want the live link on the forum.

          2. just sent you a note in case you want to remove your e-mail from the thread. thanks!

  13. If anyone else has an extra code can you email it to me > naucha at aol dot com

  14. My phone is already shipped, slated to be here friday! damn that was quick, but I still wish it was made here in the USA.

    1. Was yours designed with the wood back? Mine still says the 15th. :(

      1. yup! walnut back, white front, silver accents.
        I placed the order as SOON as I got the code.

        1. Dang, I didn’t get my code until 8pm, but I ordered it right away. Oh well.

  15. I’m waiting for the phone to be shipped. I hope it’ll arrive quickly.

  16. Does anyone want a code for UK?

  17. If anyone has an unused cyber monday code for the Moto X I would be eternally thankful, my galaxy note 2 busted I went through five weeks of pain trying to save up for(failing) and buy a nexus 6. I am completely without a phone & I’m a rom+app developer & broke college student — I could really use it, I can’t afford the phone without one. if I somehow manage to afford the moto X I will certainly make it a point to give back to the moto X AOSP rom community over at XDA. email me at: [email protected]

    1. not interested?

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