Motorola offers $140 discount on unlocked Moto X for Cyber Monday


Moto X 2014 Holiday

Motorola announced a blockbuster Cyber Monday deal early Wednesday morning (about 14 minutes into Wednesday on the East Coast in fact): $140 off an unlocked 2014 Moto X. If plunking down a starting price of $359 for an unlocked “Pure Edition” Moto X is too rich for your blood and you don’t mind jumping on the Verizon bandwagon for two years you can get your X for a mere penny.

You’ll have to wait until Monday, December 1st to register for your deal on Motorola’s Cyber Monday landing page, but you’ll also be able to accessorize for a 30% discount. You might also want to keep in mind that the window of opportunity is only open until 6pm Eastern or “while supplies last” so might want to jump on that link early in the morning. Considering “while supplies last” is often “until the server crashes in 27 seconds”… have your clicker finger ready if you’re itching for this deal.

Jeff McIntire
Jeff McIntire is an avid Android enthusiast whose first exposure to the world of Android, rooting, and customizing came in 2010 through the Samsung Captivate. Later that same year, he was introduced to the Verizon community through the Fascinate, which carried him from Eclair all the way to Ice Cream Sandwich. Having tried various ROMs, kernels and themes based on TouchWiz, he took the plunge into AOSP in May 2011 and never looked back. He now happily taps away at his LG G2, always looking out for the latest and greatest, and helping others along the way.

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  1. How is the Moto X (2014) battery life on Lollipop? My N6 is getting lousy battery life since the update. If the X is significantly better, I may jump on this deal.

    1. I don’t think a 2300mAh battery is going to make you happy.

      1. That was my worry.

  2. Is it valid only for USA?

    1. Probably, sorry…

  3. Can someone tell me how long the Moto X (2014) has been out? I’m asking cause I find the wood back intriguing, I currently have the S4 on T-Mobile, and am considering getting a 64GB Moto X (2015).

    1. there is no 64gb moto X, 16gb and 32gb

      1. Well, hopefully next years model will be available in 64GB’s, these useless 16GB models need to be done away with.

    2. It’s 2014 not 2015 LOL

      1. Obviously I am referring to >next< year, duh!

  4. I will do what I done with my 2013 Dev Edition. Get my sister in Arizona to buy it and ship it to me in Ireland!!!

  5. it’s wednesday morning right now and I can’t find this deal. Did you mean Friday?If not, LINK!!!????

    1. Announced Wednesday, not available until Monday.

      1. There goes my reading comprehension. I’m getting dumber by the minute.


  6. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this. Plus, it makes a better pairing with my new metal 360.

    1. Will this phone work for Verizon? I won’t sign another contract.

      1. Nope, good luck.

        1. Thanks. I miss all the deals, but Verizon is the only one with good service around here. Unlocked should mean available for all carriers.

        2. Why not? It lists the same bands, except for the CDMA… that’s probably the kicker.

  7. This would be a great phone if it had a micro SD card slot. Why such a glaring omission Motorola??

    1. SD card slots and removable batteries are so 3 years ago. Buy the version with more storage, and utilize cloud storage.

      1. It’s maxed out at 32GB. Not good enough, and with recently incidents with cloud storages, I’d rather have sd card.

      2. Ummm… because I don’t want to have to pay to stream my music/movie collection when I could have a decent percentage in local storage (SD card).

      3. Not everyone like to use or trust the cloud. I prefer to have all my stuff in my phone and not in the clouds.

  8. Would have been a great phone IF.. better battery and SD card.

    1. I agree, I thought about switching with my HTC one gpe, but my HTC one with 32 GB and 128 GB memory card storage is unbeatable.

  9. Why make a removable back with no replaceable battery or SD slot?

  10. I’ve heard really bad things about the battery, like a couple of hours of actual use.

  11. this isn’t inclusive of tax right?does anyone have any idea about how much tax they will charge?

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