Nexus 6 back in stock on Google Play [UPDATE]



If you’ve been itching for the chance to pick up an unlocked (read: full priced) Nexus 6 from the Google Play Store, more stock has finally arrived. Well, for the Midnight blue 32GB version anyway. Purchase link provided below.

UPDATE: Annnnnnnnnd… it’s gone. That was quick.

[Nexus 6 on Google Play]

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  1. if they were it didnt last long! well it showed up when clicking on the link but not when i went str8 to google play

  2. You (Phandroid) should do a story about these games that Google is playing with potential customers trying to order the phone.

  3. yes please do a story on why there’s such a big delay on even ordering one. manufacturing issue? motorola being an ass? carriers get first dibs? what’s up?

    1. Moto is definitely not being an ass. Phones purchased from Motorola are being FedEx’ed factory to doorstep. They have be be paying through the nose for that -no question in my mind they want these in the hands of anyone who wants one. as for why the shortfall, who knows. Theories have ranged from a “Carriers First” model to Longshoreman labor issues at the ports.

      1. Google wants to be Apple but Apple is way better than Google in this game. Google incompetent the least.

  4. I just went into a local store and purchased immediately. I was a little disappointed because I wanted the white model but that was only available on the Play store but c’est la vie.

    I am very happy with the purchase ;)

    1. Where you located. I wanted a blue one but got a white one instead. I’ll trade if we’re close.

  5. Still available if you keep refreshing. Just got one.

  6. Not available here in UK. It’s a good job I don’t actually want to buy one because every time I’ve visited Play Store out of curiosity, it’s not been out of stock. These jokers at Google haven’t got a clue how to sell a phone, I count myself lucky that I managed to get my N5 within a couple of weeks of release last year. The N4 launch was a joke, and now so is the N6 launch.

    1. *it HAS been out of stock, I meant

  7. I agree with these guys, Phandroid should write an article about the big delays on ordering these.

    1. Not sure about that, I think the comments section has that covered fairly well.

  8. I don’t even care about this phone anymore.

  9. Battery life not good enough. Bought pc parts to upgrade my HTPC instead.

  10. After hearing those rumors about the HTC One M9, I’m more than happy to weight.

    1. Lose some of that weight, piggy.

      1. LoL!! I’m mad. Ima leave it like that. =.P

        1. Haha, do iiiit.

  11. My (noob) strategy for obtaining a Nexus 6:
    (For Chrome on Desktop only)

    Page Monitor extension link: http://tinyurl.com/kwt8fvp

    -Install & enable extension

    -Go to desire(d) Nexus 6(‘s) you’d like to monitor (I monitored all the 64’s, of course)

    -Once on page, click on the Page Monitor icon in the top right hand corner

    -Click “Monitor This Page”

    -Once selected, right click on the icon, click “Options”

    -In the extension, click Advanced; Check Interval (minimum 5 seconds to refresh), Custom Mode (selector), click on “Pick” to the right

    -(The Nexus 6 page will open and load) click on where it would usually say “Add to cart”, so click on “$649.00, $699.00”, etc

    -Once Element is picked, click “Done” on the bottom right hand corner

    -Go back to the Page Monitor Extension, check “Advanced” on the bottom and tweak the notifications to your needs

    This method doesn’t guarantee 100% success in acquiring one, as it does take time to add to your cart, go to checkout, etc, and we all know how quickly they sell out. Hopefully Motorola/Google will create more in the future so we won’t have to deal with this nonsense.

  12. I give up on Google … tired of waiting … guess I’ll go get a Droid Turbo.

  13. at first i was upset, but the more i think about it, i realize that waiting is good.
    gives the factory line, and google the time to work out the bugs.
    So if i order one, which is up in the air, it will be a good experience.
    Early adopters know they will have issues.

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