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It’s the time of year to be thankful for the good things in life. Some of the things we’re most thankful for are Android apps! Turkey and copious amounts of mashed potatoes has not slowed down Android developers this month. A bunch of great new apps were released in November. Here are the 21 best apps that you should check out!

Amazon Echo/Fire TV Remote

Echo Fire

Amazon released Android apps for two of their newest devices this month. The Echo app turns your phone into a remote control so you can interact with the weird “smart” Bluetooth tube. The Fire TV Remote simply allows you to control your Fire TV on your smartphone or tablet.



One of the best things about social media sites is the “shared experience” phenomenon. Like when everyone you know is tweeting about Game of Thrones. With Clippit, you can essentially take screenshots of your favorite TV shows that are on the air now and share those clips. It’s really fun.

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere Android

Disney Movies Anywhere app is now officially available on Google Play. The app allows users to explore a library of over 400 titles spanning across Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. The best part is the app allows you to link your Google account so any purchases made will transfer right over and be playable in Google Play Movies & TV.

Facebook Groups

FB Groups

Facebook continues to break apart their main app into little specialized apps. This month they released an app for Groups. See all of your Facebook Groups in one place. Discuss, plan and collaborate easily and without distractions. Like Facebook’s Messenger app, this one is much better than the full Facebook app.

Google Messenger


Many people have complained about Hangouts being the default SMS app on Nexus phones.  Google finally released a simple stand-alone SMS app called “Messenger.” This app doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Hangouts, but that is exactly why you would download it.


If you happen to have one of HTC’s weird GoPro-like RE cameras you need this app. The RE app makes it easy to control your RE camera remotely with your Android phone. The app serves as both a content browser and live viewfinder, mirroring what the camera is seeing.

Mirror Beta


Koush has released a brand new version of his Mirror app to the Play Store. With this app you can record your screen to a video file or screencast to connected devices such as Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and even other Android devices. Android 5.0 users don’t even need to be rooted.

Milk Video

samsung milk video

Samsung announced a new service this month to add to their growing collection of “Milk” offerings. Alongside Milk Music, which helps you discover new tunes based on your listening habits, Samsung Milk Video will look to do the same for viral videos.

NOOK Audiobooks


If you’re in the business of selling books you have to also offer audiobooks these days. NOOK is now in the game too. The new NOOK Audiobooks app has thousands of bestselling audiobooks are just a tap away with no subscription required. When you sign in for the first time you’ll get 2 audiobooks free.



Google isn’t the only one making beautiful simple SMS apps. QKSMS aims to make “texting magical again” with themes, quick reply windows, MMS, group messaging, and everything else you’d expect. It sounds like your typical SMS app, but what makes QKSMS special is the clean and refined UI.

Sleep Better with Runtastic


Runtastic has a new app for sleep, and it has nothing to do with running. Sleep Better offers you a simple and engaging way to improve your sleep quality. It can track your sleep, monitor your dreams, improve your bedtime habits, and help you wake up better. Who doesn’t want that?


SUPER by Jelly Industries

The brainchild of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, SUPER is a social networking app that oozes style. Bright colors and ALL CAPS typography can be found littered throughout the app, something that’s sure to catch on with the kiddies once they take hold.


Simply put, Yonomi connects you to connected devices. Devices like Sonos speakers, Jawbone UP24, Nest devices, Philips Hue lights, Belkin Wemo Switches, and of course, your phone and tablet. The app allows you to set up simple routines to coordinate your devices together.

Z Launcher

z launcher screens

With the announcement of Nokia’s very first Android tablet, the company also had some other great news to share this month. Nokia Z Launcher is now available for download in the Google Play Store. It learns what you want and when you want it, so when you unlock your phone it’ll show you the apps you’re most likely to use at that moment.

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  1. Mirror Beta!! Hopefully it works , I been looking for a Mirror app

  2. I didn’t see a Flashlight app here, as this is a must for the winter season with these long nights in the northern hemisphere.
    So here is one that I’ve found, and it is quite useful. You basically start the LED just like a hardware flashlight – pressing the hardware power / lock button of your Android phone 3 times. It is fast, works even when the screen is off, and you don’t need the touchscreen. Take a look, I am really happy that I found it:

    1. But why does a flashlight app need full network access? Thanks, but no thanks.

    2. Don’t need one with lollipop.

    3. Lollipop

  3. Textra! Everyone should download Textra!

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