Get a free copy of Wreck-it-Ralph when you link your Google account to the new Disney Movies Anywhere app


Disney Movies Anywhere

In a partnership between Walt Disney Studios and Google Play, the new (for Android users, anyway) Disney Movies Anywhere app is now officially available on Google Play. The app allows users to explore a library of over 400 titles spanning across Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. The best part is the app allows you to link your Google account so any purchases made will transfer right over and be playable in Google Play Movies & TV.

Disney Movies Anywhere Android

The app also allows you to redeem Digital Copies from Blu-Ray combo packs and features Chromecast support right out of the box. Aside from movies, Disney Movies Anywhere also offers exclusive videos, special offers, and reward points to further expand your digital movie collection. If you sign up right now (via the app) and link your Google Play account, you’ll even get a free copy of Wreck-it-Ralph to get you started on your cloud streaming journey. The movie can be streamed either through Disney Movies Anywhere, or Google Play Movies & TV. Awesome.

To get started, download the free Disney Movies Anywhere app from the Google Play Store below (US-only for now).

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  1. dang you Disney.. US only :-

  2. Everyone seems to forget to mention that you can also link an iTunes account. If you got any Disney movies on iTunes in the past and link both Google Play and iTunes everything will be imported to Disney Movies Anywhere, and pushed back to Google Play/iTunes. All the Pirates of the Caribbean movies I got years ago on iTunes are finally in my Google Play library where they belong. And the Disney Movies app even has bonus features for most of the movies I have making me even happier. Disney did this right every step of the way as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Get a free copy of Wreck it Ralph when you download Ttorrent.

  4. Whoa! Nice! I just picked up Maleficent and it supposedly has a code for this. So hopefully that’ll also stream through Google Play Movies too…. and across my Chromecast. :D

  5. Thank you. Got Wreck it Ralph for free! Thanks Phandroid

  6. Finally! Now my wife and I have to decide who gets to redeem the codes. I guess we could just link my Google Play account and her iTunes, then we get the best of both worlds. Right?

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