Come One, come all: OnePlus One invite system abandoned for Black Friday


Many jokes have been made, sorrows endured, and laughter had over what many would call an abysmal promotional effort otherwise known as the OnePlus One invite system. We won’t bother digging into old wounds – we’ll let you do that on your own – and for now we’ll just celebrate the fact that OnePlus is abandoning their invite system for the day.

That’s right… today only, without an invite, you can buy a 16GB White OnePlus One for $299 or a 64GB Black OnePlus One for $349:

OnePlus One Black Friday

OnePlus One not your cup of tea? Don’t fret: there are plenty of other Android Black Friday Deals to be had.

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  1. How it should have been since day one, one plus 2 shouldn’t be too far away so at this point I don’t know how much sense it would make to get this, specially when your other phone is an m8 or s5 or anything alone those lines

    1. Or for $50 more you can snag a new Moto X.

  2. I got so frustrated by their inability to take my money that I cancelled my otherwise successful pre-order and turned down two invites. This new promotion is too little, too late. A better system of ordering this device was needed when it was new. I am now very much enjoying my N6!

    1. Pass for me too. Enjoying my N6 as well.

  3. Pass

  4. Pass, Nexus 6 is doing just fine in my pocket.

    1. Great phone, but the OnePlus One is better.

      1. I’d go with equal, but it’s half the price. (I’ve got the OPO and buddy has the 6)

      2. eh, no. it’s not better in any way actually.

        1. Battery life

        2. Well its half the price and has better battery life. It also is actually somewhat usable with one hand and fits in the pocket.

  5. I’ve had an OPO for 2 months and it was totally worth the hassle.

  6. UPDATE: They are sold out.

  7. I’ll wait for the one plus two………enjoying my nexus 6 also

  8. Was gun ho about this back in June/July have since been enjoying the new LG G3 for the past 4-5 months. Thank you T-Mobile jump old jump that is I will soon be enjoying the Nexus 6. Maybe next time round when the one plus 2 comes out if the specs are good enough.

    1. This, and no stupid invites.

  9. Poor old OPO, still trying to find relevance.

  10. They are back in stock by the way

  11. For invite is Not Out of Stock !! I have 5 invites for free !! Jest send me e-mail !!

  12. Great phone. Loved mine. Looking forward to the second one. It will be a great backup phone to my nexus 6

  13. they should keep it this way and go the google way with the early nexus devices, fill the orders as they go, thats better.. got one for my mom cheap 5.5 inch phone great camera, specs in overall and price, also with an active XDA comunity to keep it alive for many years

  14. I just love to be invited to spend my money!!!…I rather pay twice but be able to buy whenever I want it…Freak you.

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