Nokia Z Launcher goes into open beta and finds a home in Google Play


z launcher

With the announcement of Nokia’s very first Android tablet, the company also had some other great news to share this morning. The Nokia Z Launcher is now available for download via the Google Play Store. Anyone with an Android device on 4.1 or higher can enjoy the goods, though note that it’s still considered a beta so not everything is expected to work 100% correctly.

The Z Launcher is a standout product in a sea of contextual home-screen replacements. It promises to learn what you want and when you want it, so when you unlock your phone it’ll show you the apps you’re most likely to use at that moment in time.

Even if it doesn’t get it right, you can find the app you want with simple gestures. The downside is that you have very little say in its customization, so you either embrace its decisions or look for an alternative option elsewhere. It’s definitely worth a shot for the price tag of “free,” though, so head to Google Play and give it a go.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i wish more of the major manufacturers would do something like this. Better yet, release their phones with stock Android, and put their versions of their launchers and skins out in the Play Store and let anyone download them, regardless of device.

    1. YES

  2. This works pretty well, but without the ability customize which apps are on the bottom bar, it’s a no-go for me.

    1. You can customize the app tray, just tap the app list icon, then drag and drop the app into the app tray.

      1. Thanks.

  3. Guess Nokia peeing in their pants must be a fashion statement

  4. If you are outside of the US, or EU… I’m in Canada, and have it running on my Note 4 thanks to this from the official website.

    “” AdminJohn Kneeland (Product Manager, Nokia Corporation) responded

    The Google Play version of Z Launcher is designed for the USA and EU countries.
    If you live outside the US or EU, please use the direct download option on your Android phone: “”

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