SKEYE Nano Drone for $35 plus savings on apps, games, and more [Deals]



Here is your chance to become the drone pilot you always wanted to be without sinking hundreds of dollars into a hobby you’re not sure you even fully grasp. Yes, being a drone pilot has its perks, but it isn’t always cheap. And have you ever even tried piloting one of these things — it’s hardly as easy as it looks!

Good for you we have the SKEYE Nano Drone available for the special price of $35 over at Not only is it your cheapest ticket to the sky, but it’s easy to fly with 6-axis controls complete with adjustable gyro sensitivity. The tiny aerial acrobat is great for pulling off stunts, and could serve as an excellent point of introduction for younger R/C enthusiasts.

You will want to hurry to grab this one. The sale pricing ends later this week, but supplies might not even last that long.

Buy SKEYE Nano Drone for $35 at

Now read on for even more great deals on Android hardware, accessories, apps, games, and media below.

Hardware & Accessories


LG G3 for a penny when purchased with a new wireless contract from AT&T or Sprint via Amazon. One of our favorite Android smartphones of 2014 drops to rock bottom pricing in time for the holidays. Be sure to check out Amazon’s other great deals on contract smartphones while you’re there. [Amazon]

Save $15 on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and bring streaming media to your living room at a price that can’t be beat. Normally $39.99, the mini media dongle can be yours now for only $24.99. [Best Buy]

Take half off select music accessories from Motorola including the DECK wireless speaker, Moto Stream, and S11-HD wireless headphones. Savings range from $25 to $100. Sale prices end at midnight tonight. [Motorola]

Bundle the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 and get both for only $179. Sale is for a refurbished Nexus 7 (2012) bundled with a refurbished Nexus 4. Together, both normally sell for $250. Separately, you might pay twice as much to take home both. [Expansys USA]

Apps & Games




Music & Movies





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  1. $21.88 on Amazon

  2. thanks for this: Night Visions – Imagine Dragons

  3. Bundle the  Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 and get both for only $179. 

    Thats a phenomenal deal, I just got the 4 for $150 last week.

  4. Would you like to make that an extra small for only 50 cents less?

  5. The fire stick is a great deal. Put XBMC on it and you’re set.

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