Chromecast support comes to 7 new apps today


Chromecast Featured ready to cast

Google has announced that 7 new apps have been beefed up with Chromecast support. The list is already outrageously long by now, but the addition of the following certainly can’t hurt:

Of course, this doesn’t just extend to Chromecast, but any device with “casting” support (Nexus Player, anyone?). You can use the links above to find those respective apps in Google Play so be sure to check it out on your Chromecast or Android TV whenever you get a chance.

[via Google]

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  1. am I missing something? Why not just cast phone to tv like I do on my S4, then every app works on the tv not just apps with built in cast ability. Do not all phones “cast entire phone” to tv?

    1. because phones like my HTC One M8 do not support screen cast

      1. “castscreen” is only on jellybean and lollipop I believe.

        1. Yea but my phone’s on kit Kat and so was my nexus 5 which did support screen cast. so that doesn’t explain why the m8 doesnt have it and but the m7 does

          1. I’m so glad I’ve never owned an HTC phone.

          2. They’re very good – especially rooted.

        2. Supported Devices,

          Nexus 4
          Nexus 5
          Nexus 6
          Nexus 7 (2013)
          Nexus 9
          Nexus 10
          Samsung Galaxy S4
          Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition
          Samsung Galaxy S5
          Samsung Galaxy Note 3
          Samsung Galaxy Note 4
          Samsung Galaxy Note 10
          HTC One M7
          HTC One M7 Google Play edition
          LG G2
          LG G3
          LG G3 Cat.6
          LG G Pro 2
          LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play edition
          Sony Xperia Z3
          Sony Xperia Z3v
          Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
          Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
          Sony Xperia Z2
          Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
          NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet
          Tesco hudl2
          TrekStor SurfTab xintron i 7.0

      2. wow really? Why does any flagship not support this? I can see a low end cheapie but not a flagship.

        1. Never got an explaination but my gf’s stock sense M8 and my google play edition M8 don’t support screen cast

          1. works on my M8 just fine

          2. Screen cast (where you cast your entire screen) works on your M8 that’s not rooted ? Please tell me how ?

          3. mine is rooted but Im not sure thats a requirement. Google Mirror Enabler, i think its called

          4. Couldn’t find an app by that name in the play store

          5. Found it on XDA, have to be rooted

      3. Do you have the Chromecast app downloaded? and try casting the screen from within the app? Just curious…

        1. Yea still doesn’t work. Actually the option doesn’t even appear

      4. If you root your M8, you can screen cast.

        It requires changing one value in one data table to turn the feature on for the M8.

        Yeah. I know right.

        1. I don’t do rooting anymore so I’d have to pass

    2. When you “cast” the Chromecast does the work, the phone is just the remote.

    3. Native chromecast support doesn’t require your phone to be on & actively serving as a “middle-man” for the content you’re watching. The stream gets handed-off to the Chromecast.

    4. Not every TV and phone supports Miracast. Plus, as others have pointed out, with Miracast the TV is just mirroring the phone, with Chromecast the phone is just acting as remote, the Chromecast is downloading and decoding the video itself.

  2. Comedy Central – YES! Also brings Lollipop support for this app.

  3. Getting one today

    1. I have a Nexus Player and to be honest? Wish I had picked up a Roku 3. Really disappointed by lack of channels. I have a chromecast – should have known that a sudden rush of apps wasn’t forthcoming. The GUI looks cool though. There’s that. If I want to play android games – I’ll use my tablet.

      1. onlive, retroarch , and more…. there is more to be had with the player.

        1. Shipping back my Nexus Player. Sorry, just too buggy, and nothing more to offer than my chromecast. Actually my PS3 has more apps available. So Roku 3 and PS3 it is.

  4. So are these “apps” or just sites supporting casting? I’d love to see Amazon TV (hey, it’s Android, right?), ESPN, Cartoon Network, etc.. added as apps to Chromecast.

    1. ESPN has had support for the longest

      1. No kidding? ESPN support? Sweet. I have the Nexus Player. Hadn’t realized ESPN was on there.

  5. I love my Chromecast but really hate the fact that, unlike my Roku, it REQUIRES an active internet connection. Wintertime here, the cable cuts out a lot which makes my primary use for my Chromecast useless: Plex.

    Roku doesn’t seem to care as long as both are on the same network. Any idea if the Amazon firestick requires an internet connection to work or would I be able to use it for Plex even if the internet is down?

    I may see another Roku in my future if not.

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