The Humble Crescent Moon Bundle potentially delivers 17 games from the publisher


Humble Bundle is back, folks, and this round of affordable gaming goodness brings a ton of games from publisher Crescent Moon. As with all other Humble Bundles, the main draw here is being able to name your own price, though paying more than the average will get you access to more. Here’s how it breaks down:

Pay what you want for:

  • Space Chicks Premium
  • 2-Bit Cowboy
  • Neon Shadow
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands

Pay more than the average ($7.25 as of writing) for:

  • Topia World Builder
  • Shadow Blade
  • Mines of Mars
  • Blocky Roads

Pay $8 or more for:

  • The Deer God
  • Exiles: Far Colony

That’s a whopping 10 games for less than a tenner. To top all that off, Humble Bundle is using a stretch goal system to potentially reward you with more games should they raise a certain amount of money. An extra 7 games can be had if they hit the maximum goal of $400,000. One extra game — Siegecraft Defender — has already been unlocked, with the company close to delivering the second with just a few more purchases.

humble crescent moon bundle

Of course, proceeds can be split up however you wish (toward developers, charity or the Electronic Frontier Foundation) and all downloads should be DRM free. Take a look at all of it over at Humble Bundle’s site and make sure you free up some space on your device if you plan on playing all of it.

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  1. Is there a link to the site in the article? Also, is this an Android bundle? I looked on the site and it was referencing PC, Mac, and Linux bundles.

    1. Here is the link the page says android exclusive.

    2. Look at the tabs across the top of the website. The Mobile Bundle is Android games. They run multiple bundles at once, with the regular Humble Bundle being for PCs, usually Windows but often for Mac and Linux also, depending on the developers.

  2. i hate hate hate the way the humble bundle site displays the game. A name and one long video. Seriously, just give me a real description of the play style.

  3. Would of considered getting this, but these games are mostly never updated and never get new levels (ie: Shadow Blade).

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