Samsung being sued for supposedly stealing “Milk” name


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Samsung Milk Music and Milk Video have proven to be nice services for helping folks discover new digital media, but it appears the service has landed them in a bit of trouble. The Wall Street Journal reports that Samsung is being sued by Milk Studios over use of the name in Samsung’s latest apps.

Samsung reportedly received requests to stop using the name as early as March, though after months of mulling it over they decided they would continue to use it. Samsung and Milk Studios actually have a bit of history, with the former said to have used the latter’s services quite a bit (18 different contracts) in the past.

Milk Studios makes its name and fame from its photography and multimedia studios in Los Angeles and New York, renting out space for folks who need fashionista backdrops for their photo shoots. Milk Studios also deals in areas of film and television casting, advertising, fashion and art and more — your typical high-end artsy fartsy company.

Unfortunately Samsung declined to comment so the company hasn’t yet told their side of the story. We imagine they’ll be looking to find a way to keep the “Milk” name attached to their apps, whether that be through settlements or a legal loophole. Or perhaps they’re confident that they have rights to the name altogether. Of course, Samsung has much bigger legal matters on their hand at the moment so perhaps they just aren’t interested in crying over spilled milk.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Samsung! What a surprise!

  2. Samsung is turning into a terrible company lately. I knew they were rotten a while ago, but now its just blatant and in your face. They dont seem to care to hide it like they used to.

    1. All because they called their music app milk? Yeah that is sooo terrible.

    1. Better than rat’s milk.

  3. I don’t get why they want to keep “Milk” so badly as the name of a music app? What does milk have to do with music?

  4. YEAH……

  5. Why sammy :( , Motto is becoming my favorite company

  6. Could the lawsuits get any dumber. This is almost as bad as Apple suing over a shape.

    1. Yep…that other company probably doesn’t even have an app. If they did, it might make more sense. Seems like they are just taking advantage of a big company using the name “milk”.

  7. Next they will be suing all dairy companies for making “milk”.

    1. They aren’t Apple. Sorry had to go there. I know, really late

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