This $1 app brings back double-tap-to-wake functionality on the Nexus 6


double tap to wake nexus 6 app

It was recently discovered that Google once had tap-to-wake functionality in the Nexus 6. Not familiar? It allowed folks to unlock the device by double tapping the display instead of using the power button, a feature LG G2 and LG G3 users often fall in love with (so much so that they find it hard to venture away from the LG camp).

But for some reason, Google disabled that feature. We reckon it’s because it wasn’t ready for prime time and they didn’t want to leave any half-baked features that didn’t properly work. If you want that functionality then you’ll be happy to know there’s an easy solution out there.

This app, which costs $.99, gives you one-tap access to the feature. Enable it or disable it, and the setting persists on reboots. You do need to root your Nexus 6 in order for it to work, but many of you have probably already taken care of that.

The developer notes that this may not be a blissful experience for everyone. For starters, reports that the feature doesn’t seem to work as well when it’s been in sleep mode for extended periods of time have caused them to put a disclaimer up on his Google Play page.

Perhaps that’s why Google decided to disable the feature while they (hopefully) work to improve it. Can’t hurt to give it a go if you have a rooted Nexus 6 and a dollar to spare, so be sure to give it a download and see how well it works for you.

[Google Play Download Link]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. There are a couple of free apps that already does this. One can be found over at XDA.

    1. Everything can be found at XDA :)

    2. And it seems kind of douche-baggy for a 3rd-party developer to charge to enable a feature that Google developed.

  2. This means the kernel supports it, but just isn’t enabled in the OS.

  3. You forgot to mention Oneplus One also has this out of the box. I can’t live without it now.

    1. Sony and Nokia(or whatever it is now) also use it in some of their devices.

    2. Is on HTC One M8 too, can’t live without it now

  4. I found that tapping on my unrooted nexus 6 …… 6 or 7 times also wakes the device, some one mentioned it on another thread on here so I tried it and it worked, my friend thought I was BS him so he tried out and it worked……..go figure

    1. is it possible that’s related to the ambient display that turns on when you pick it up? maybe pressing it enough times vibrates it enough so it thinks its being picked up?

      1. That is it exactly. If you tap the side with enough force so that it rocks, it will almost always turn on. Maybe two taps.

      2. That’s a very good possibility never thought of it in those terms, but definitely possible….

  5. I thought tap to wake was supposed to be a built in lollipop feature out hardware supported it? I love it on my g3, I find myself tapping at other devices wondering if there battery is dead

  6. Does anyone know anything about the Nexus 6 64Gb being available at AT&T?

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