Get 50% off of Motorola music accessories for a limited time [DEALS]


Moto Stream 1

Motorola is getting in the Yuletide spirit by offering one heck-of-a-good deal on their site. Good for 2-days only, you can get 50% off music accessories found on While that sounds like it would include a wide-range of goods, it’s only about 8 different products ranging from Bluetooth speakers to headphones, and the Moto Stream.

Better hurry, the deal ends Tuesday (that’s tomorrow), November 25th at 11:59PM ET — so act fast. If you’re picking up over $75 in goods, you’ll even get free shipping. You can find to the applicable music accessories linked below. Enjoy.

[Motorola music accessories]

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  1. trying to order but keeps saying items no longer available in cart.

    1. Mine said that at first, but then it said wouldn’t be available until Dec 1st. Try again?

      1. yeah it finally went out of stock and I can’t add it to my cart anymore. This would have been great since I got one of those 25$ codes from Motorola for the Nexus 6 Cloud White 64gb delays.

  2. Interesting, I have the Bose in ear noise canceling head phones and I found a review* of someone who says they have those too and just got these Moto Buds, said for the most part the noise cancellation is just as good but hasn’t tested a plane yet.

    So, I have been wondering why no manufacturers are doing the noise cancelation in the phone versus in the device yet but came across knowing that the Sony Z2 and Z3 do this. Which means no bulky Bose box or charging needs to be done for the wired headsets, they only need a mic on each ear to send to the phone to do the processing.

    Anyways, I just ordered a set of these since they are half off and 1/10 the cost of my Bose. I hope they work, I don’t know if I will give up my Bose but it would be nice to have a wireless option in somecases and if these work well maybe I will just sell my Bose.

    * source:

  3. This would be great for my Onkyo Receiver. I cant justify a newer receiver, so this fixes my wireless issue, or lack there-of.

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