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tmp_1155--1203866297It’s been a busy Wednesday for the Nexus 6 between T-Mobile finally having it available a week later than planned, Dees Troy releasing TWRP Recovery for it, and now legendary root guru Chainfire releasing SuperSU auto-root for it. Oh, and our own Derek Ross got to spend some quality time with it.

If you’re not familiar with the world of in-depth modding for Android phones and tablets, the developer-oriented Nexus line is almost always the first to get root and recovery due to its easily unlockable bootloader and its relative lack of proprietary code in the operating system. It’s also usually the first lineup to have custom ROMs and kernels available for it due to the early release of source code from Google.

SuperSU is Chainfire’s take on Superuser, which gives you access to the entire operating system, vital for common root-dependent apps like Titanium Backup, Root Explorer and Tasker. Root access and recovery are also vital for installing most custom ROMs, although there’s been a recent trend toward ROMs that don’t include root access by default due to security concerns. Kernel tweaking apps and popular battery-saving placebos apps such as Juice Defender and Greenify also depend on root access.

To gain root access on your unicorn Nexus 6, simply boot to TWRP Recovery and flash the .zip file from the source link below.

Source: Chainfire SuperSU website





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