APK Download: Google Play Services update lets you used trusted locations for Smart Lock on Android Lollipop


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Android 5.0 Lollipop’s Smart Lock feature is great for giving you the ability to keep your phone unlocked when using it near a trusted Bluetooth or NFC-equipped device, but another new element has arrived thanks to today’s upgrade to Google Play Services. You can now set up “Trusted Places” so that your phone can be easily accessed only when you’re in specific areas.

For instance, as you drive into your garage your phone will recognize that you’re within that “trusted place” and won’t require you to put in any PIN or password you’ve set up. Venture away from said area and it’ll know to lock things up when you’re not using it. Convenient and neat is always a wonderful combination. You can easily specify a trusted place by using one of your saved addresses or typing in a new one.

The only downside we can see is that there doesn’t seem to be a  way to specify exactly how big the radius is for the location you put. Say there’s a coffee shop right across the street and you leave it there — its close proximity might mean they’ll view that coffee shop as a trusted place and leave your phone vulnerable to peeping eyes. I guess at that point it’s just up to you to make sure you don’t accidentally leave your phone anywhere.

The update should be headed to devices over the coming weeks, so stay on the lookout for Google Play Services version 6.5.85 (1589008-438). Folks with Android 5.0 can download the new version and install it to get in on the fun immediately.

[via Reddit]

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  1. Smart Lock needs to recognize wifi networks.. I thought this one was a no-brainer.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly what I would like to do, just have it enable when I’m on my home WiFi.

      1. exactly.

    2. Wifi is too easy to spoof.

      1. But so is GPS…

        1. You need have the device unlocked to mock GPS locations.

          1. Oh I see yes.

          2. Couldn’t they implement it so when you connect to a specific WiFi SSID is the only time the phone will confirm the location, then allowing the unlock?
            More secure and less battery, I’d think.

      2. No more so than BlueTooth.

      3. Then make it so you have to be connected to a particular WiFi network and also in the right location.

        1. At that point, why not just use location?

  2. I’m using this right now at work, works great.

  3. Smart app lock app has been doing this for awhile on jelly bean/kit kat. I use it so that it will not require a pin if I am using my Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth radio in my truck. It was also turn off my pin when it detects certain WiFi’s.

    1. Link? There’s a bunch of apps with the same name.

        1. Thanks!

  4. carefull to pick the CORRECT apk for your device. As far as i understand, the one ending in 738 is needed for the nexus 5.

  5. I’ve installed it but the Trusted Location isn’t showing up under Smart Lock after a restart. Nexus 7 2013

  6. I’ve done this for a couple years with tasker. I’ll gladly delete this tasker profile and use native android 5.0 functionality.

  7. Stupid. This is horrendously insecure, as there’s no way you can define a location precisely enough. Why Google doesn’t just add trusted WiFi, like a dozen existing apps and xposed modules do, is beyond me. But not only did they not implement trusted WiFi, they broke all the existing apps that provide that capability.

    For a company with as many smart people as Google has, they can sure do some stupid things.

  8. Between doing it with Automate it pro for awhile.

  9. When you forget your password after using this feature for too long.

  10. Has anyone had the smart lock forget that you selected a work or home location?
    Sometimes it doesn’t work, and I check smart lock to make sure its still on, but when I get in settings the toggle has toggled itself off.
    Any ideas?

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